Farmers’ protest: SC hold on enforcement of agricultural laws till further orders

New Delhi: The Supreme Court heard petitions regarding the validity of the three agricultural laws and stayed the implementation of the agricultural laws till further orders.

It had said during the hearing that the apex court said that it is ready to repeal the laws but not indefinitely. CJI Bobde said, “We are ready to suspend the laws but not indefinitely and without any purpose.” The Supreme Court has also constituted a committee to discuss these laws. , Agricultural Economist Ashok Gulati, Dr. Pramod Kumar Joshi (Former Director National Agricultural Research Management), Anil Dhanwat’s name is suggested as a member of the committee.

It may be noted that the farmers’ organization was against the committee but during the hearing, the court said that it will give an interim order for this. Advocate Sharma, appearing for the farmers during the hearing, said that the farmers’ organizations are not in favor of constitution of a committee by the Supreme Court and they do not want to go before the committee. The court said that if farmers can go before the government then why not before the committee? If they want a solution to the problem then we do not want to hear that farmers will not appear before the committee.

ML Sharma, a lawyer for farmers’ organizations, said that I have spoken to the farmers. The farmers do not want to appear before the committee. He is firm on his demand and wants to repeal the laws. They are saying that PM did not come forward to debate in the case. On this, Bros. Bobde said that we have the right to form a committee. Those who really want a solution can go to the committee. He said that we are making the committee for ourselves, the committee will report to us. Anyone can go before the committee. Even through the farmer or the lawyer. The CJI said that since the PM is not a party to the case, the court cannot say anything about it.

The court said that we are trying to solve the problem in the best way. We have to suspend the law using the powers of the court. We want a solution to the problem. We want to know the ground reality so we want to constitute the committee. The CJI said that we want to suspend the law, but not conditionally and that too indefinitely. We do not want any negative action in this case.