#FilthyIndia” and “Howdy, Modi” are trending

Speaking in the final presidential debate in the US ahead of the November 3 election, Mr Trump referred to the “dirty air” in India as he defended his decision to pull out of the Paris accord

New Delhi: US President Donald Trump’s comment about “dirty air” in India – during a presidential debate on Friday morning – has provoked innumerable responses on Twitter, ranging from acknowledging the country’s pollution problem Responses up to the Prime Minister are included. Narendra Modi shared his “great friendship” with the US President and last year’s “Howdy, Modi!” Competition.

Mr Trump – who last month welcomed his “great friend” Prime Minister Modi and claimed to support the voting of Indian Americans in next month’s election – noted the “filthy air” in India today as he abstained from the Paris Agreement Had defended its decision to exit – a major global deal to combat climate change by reducing CO2 emissions, among other steps.

News agency Reuters quoted him as saying, “Look at India. It is dirty. The air is dirty.”

Due to this comment both “#FilthyIndia” and “Howdy, Modi” are trending online in the country, posting pictures of polluted cities in many cities to highlight their concerns and comments made by Mr. Trump The call to use it anew can be dealt with by drastic steps. Pollution, especially air quality.

“It’s sad, but we can’t force someone to respect us. Honor is not earned. Twisted hands. Our next goal should be: 1. Discourage private fossil fuel vehicles. 2. Promote public transport . 3. Promoting e-vehicles. 4. No vehicle zones. 6. Public Transport Day, “a user tweeted, attaching a smog-covered Delhi aerial shot with the national flag flying in the background.

Mr. Trump has claimed that both China and India produce more CO2 than their country.

However, according to the Washington Post report in June this year, while India is the third largest emitter country in the world and still lags behind China and the United States.

Said that, in recent times, air quality testing has started in the national capital as burning in nearby states like Punjab and Haryana increases pollution levels.

Last year around this time, Delhi was declared the most polluted city by IQ Air Visual, a portal that tracks global air quality levels, and Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal called the city a “gas chamber”.

Congress leader Kapil Sibal called on PM Modi for his “Howdy, Modi!” Competition. He wrote: “Trump: Fruits of Friendship: 1) Question India’s Kovid Death, 2) Says India Sends Dirt to the Air … India’s Air is” Dirty “, 3) Called India” Tariff King ” Goes … “Howdy, Modi!”