Footballer Maradona’s unknown children are battle for his millions property

Argentinian footballer Diego Maradona’s estate could also be worth anything up to $40 million, and includes a Rolls Royce, a £300,000 diamond ring, and therefore the rights to lucrative merchandising contracts.

Ex wife Claudia Villafane, Daughter Dalma, Diego Maradona Daughter Gianinna ‘Maradona’ film premiere in 2008

But relatives of the late Diego Maradona are finding that there’s one drawback to staking a claim to his inheritance – the formidable line from rival players involved.

Diego Maradona, who died last month, was notorious for his complicated lovemaking, which saw him roll in the hay a rumoured 8,000 women.

Before his death, his lawyers acknowledged his paternity of 5 children – four in Argentina and one in Italy – all of whom have now lodged claims with the Buenos Aires courts.

But with the striker having left no will, a minimum of six others who say they’re his offspring have also come to the fore to say their shares.

Diego Maradona of Napoli plays along with his daughter Dalma after a training at the Centro Paradiso di Soccavo

And while that alone would be enough litigants to make a eleven, the ultimate showdown in court is probably going to be much more crowded than that.

Also hiring lawyers are a minimum of three ex-lovers and 4 of his sisters – plus a huge amount of claimants with whom he had business dealings, including fellow players and managers who claim he owes them money.

Maradona’s former lawyer Mauricio Dalessandro, who worked for several years, said any paternity claims would require DNA evidence.

“Those who have claims must present their case because the court has DNA and is charged with verifying (the claims) of any children and seeking proof of their claims,” he added. “They must present themselves quickly.”

Maradona was a fabulously wealthy sportsman, having earned around £2.5m per annum during his heyday with Italian football club Napoli in the 1990s. He also drew in countless pounds from endorsements, sporting rights and advertising deals with the likes of Puma, Coca-Cola, and Hublot watches.

Maradona with one among his cars

While much of his assets are scattered around the world – he played and coached in countries including Spain, the United Arab Emirates, Belarus and Mexico – lawyers have identified five properties in Argentina, luxury jewelry, a Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost, and a BMW i8 worth around £140,000.

There is also a three-tonne amphibious vehicle gifted to him in Belarus, a Harry Kane shirt, and a contract that enables computer giant Komani to use Maradona’s likeness in one among its football video games.

Lawyers representing relations are now expected to be in court hearings for a matter of years, instead of months, legal sources said that the five children from Argentina and Italy, he’s said to possess four children from Cuba, where he spent years during a rehabilitation clinic for drug and alcoholic abuse.

Court papers lodged in Buenos Aires suggest a 12th child has also come to the fore , with possibly more to follow.

Maradona’s house in Buenos Aires

The other major question is simply how big the estate really is. While past estimates from Forbes magazine put it at anything up to $40 million, some believe it might be drastically less, citing Maradona’s chaotic lifestyle and long history of minimization.

In 2005, the Italian government alleged that he owed some £32m in unpaid taxes dating back to his days with Naples football club.

He has also faced roughly 60 claims in civil courts in Argentina; many of them libel cases arousing from the abrasive comments he often gave in interviews.

Indeed, according to one estimate cited by the BBC, his estate might be worth but £500,000 once all his debts were taken under consideration.

Nonetheless, the litigants appear to not are deterred. Mr Dalessandro said that claims began being lodged within days of Maradona’s death from attack. But it’s insane because everyone are going to be able to participate.”