For the United Nations Conference, the youth of 140 countries made a bold climate treaty

New Delhi: Today more than one hundred and fifty hundred youths from about 150 countries today urged all the leaders and governments around the world to implement practical, progressive and youth centric climate policies through an open letter. In line with COP26, participants from 140 countries made high-level climate action champion Nigel Topping for COP26 during the Mock COP26, an international youth-led climate conference, with the purpose of documenting that They will take their word to the governments around the world and urge that all countries increase their climate ambitions and action.

This mock COP26 treaty of youth actually outlines the 18 policies that these youth want policy makers to prioritize in actual COP26 to be held in Glasgow. The policy recommendations of the treaty, which have evolved through speeches and negotiations over the past two weeks, cover six topics, namely. These topics are climate education, climate justice, health and well-being, climate resilient communities, national carbon reduction targets and biodiversity protection.

Supan Dash-Allene, Guyana’s representative from South America at Mock COP26, responded by saying, “This year has been a very important decision, and especially one of strong decisions against climate change, 2020. The year when world leaders made their Turned words into actions. But the threat of climate catastrophe is not far away. “

Further, stating the relevance of mock COP26, he says, “Mock COP26 sends a strong message to world leaders that youth can also coordinate global negotiations and we also have solutions. Now is our time to take decisions for our future and we should also be partnered. “

Legal advice to all of these young people and all the findings helped them to form the treaty by a team of lawyers from ClientEarth and COP26andbeyond. James Thornton, CEO and founder of ClientEarth, commented on the subject, saying, “These young people have delivered a very strong message to world leaders. Now governments must take decisions consciously because the decisions taken by them will affect the new generation for many years to come. ”

If the Mock COP26 Treaty is adopted, the government will commit to taking global warming below 1.5 ° C, and impose a ban on emissions, in line with the IPCC recommendation. Governments will also commit to stronger regulation on air quality, which will significantly reduce their emissions to guarantee polluting industries safe and breathable air.

In the treaty, mock COP26 representatives have called on governments to include policy measures to distance farmers from practices that are harmful to soil, water, fuel harvesting, and biodiversity. Delegates are also calling for a far-reaching law on echosides to criminalize large-scale destruction and damage to the environment by human activity.

This two-week conference gives priority to the voices of the countries most affected by the climate crisis. The people of the Global South made up 72% of the delegates and the treaty continues to ensure the support of these countries. The average age of the participants was 22 years old and 63% were female or non-binary.

Over the next 12 months, Mock COP26 representatives and volunteers will join their elected political representatives to urge them to implement policy demands. Young climate activists aim to implement new and progressive domestic climate policies next year, raising ambitions up to COP26.