Ganga-like purity in govt’s intent, MSP here to remain, PM Modi tells farmers

PM Modi’s speech will set the tone for the Centre’s negotiations efforts with the farmers. PM Modi Address to Farmers Live address to farmers comes as protests against the recently enacted farm laws continues at Singhu border in Delhi.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is addressing an occasion in Madhya Pradesh via video-conferencing, where he’s expected to defend his government’s intent towards farm sector reforms. The speech to the Madhya Pradesh farmers is seen so far another attempt by the Centre to convince the farmers over the newest farm laws.

He has repeatedly said that the farmers are being misled by the Opposition. The Prime Minister’s address to farmers comes as protests against the recently enacted farm laws continue at Singhu border in Delhi. Latest reports say that the amount is swelling by the day.

The MP address is a component of sustained efforts by the Modi government to placate the farmers. From a rally in his parliamentary constituency Varanasi to an occasion in his home state Gujarat, PM Modi has practically been trying to strike a chord with the farmers at every public event.

The farmers say that they’re going to agree on nothing but an entire rollback of the farm laws. they assert that the Centre didn’t consult them before formulating the policy. On Thursday, Agriculture Minister Narendra Tomar wrote an 8-page letter addressing the farmers.

In an emotional appeal, Tomar said that he comes from a family from farmers. The minister said that he knows all about the hardships faced by the farmers. He said that the farmers are and can remain the last word master of their produce. PM Modi also tweeted the letter and urged everyone to read it.