God Shiva temple is built on the Manduk Tantra and Shriyantra

Located in Mohalla Shivala of Kasba Oyal, 12 km from Lakhimpur Kheri in Uttar Pradesh, the frog temple is built on a padduk tantra and a Sri Yantra. This temple has a different mark and identity in the whole country. Everyday people from the towns as well as the surrounding villages and cities come here for worship. In the month of Mahashivratri and Sawan, there is an influx of faith here.

This temple is very interesting. The entire temple is built on Manduk Tantra and Shriyantra. The idol of Nandi ji installed in the frog temple has stood. This temple has a different identity in the whole country. The temple was built more than 230 years ago. It was built by Raja Baksh Singh of the then Oil State.

At that time, the king had built this grand temple for the good use of the money won in the war and happiness, peace and prosperity in the state. It is also said that it was built after the advice of tantriks to avoid famine at that time. This temple is known for its history and antiquity.

Shivling changes color thrice a day

The Shivling installed in it changes color thrice a day. This Shivling was brought from the river Narmada, hence it is also given the name of Narmadeshwar Ji Maharaj. Rajasthani architecture was displayed all over the temple, which is special in itself. The chhatra at the top of the temple used to rotate in the direction of the sun rays in the past which has now been damaged.

The sculptures engraved on the outer walls of the temple doing body meditation prove it to be a Tantric temple. Oyal was the main center of the Shaivite sect. The rulers here were worshipers of Lord Shiva. A great tantrik of Kapila did the architectural design of this temple. The architectural structure of this temple based on Tantrism attracts the attention of the people due to its special style.

The specialty of the temple

This entire Shiva temple is built on the back of a giant frog. First, there is a fish in the mouth of a crocodile below, then a frog and above it four steps of four Vedas, followed by a lotus flower with eight petals and an octagonal tantric worship instrument on top of it. Four domes are also built around the temple. There is a well made about 50 feet above the ground near the main gate of the temple, in which water is available above the ground level, which surprises everyone.

At the same time, Narmadeshwar Mahadev is seated on the Argha of a huge white rock inside the temple. A giant Nandi Maharaj idol is also installed nearby. Sculptures of many deities and devotees are also installed around the temple. At the same time, picturesque artifacts have also been made in the temple and the four domes. The idol of Nataraja is seated in the middle of the wheel made of Ashtadhatu on the Kalash installed on the top of the temple. It is believed that earlier the roof of the temple also used to rotate with the sunlight, but now it is damaged.

This frog temple, magnificent and amazing, has also been identified by the tourism department of UP. Efforts are on to bring this temple on the world map in the Dudhwa Tiger Reserve corridor.

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