Google Search Year 2021: ‘How To Make Oxygen At Home’ Most Searched In India

Search engine giant Google has released its annual recap for 2021 and the results are as hilarious as can be expected. This year, searches were mostly dominated by topics related to Coronavirus (Covid-19) and how to register for the vaccine in India. Cryptocurrency related topics such as ‘How to buy Dogecoin in India’ and ‘How to invest in Bitcoin’ are also on the list.

Topping the list was the topic ‘How to register for the Covid Vaccine’. This may happen when India begins its vaccination campaign against the viral disease in the country. The second most searched topic was ‘How to download vaccination certificate’.

However, the most interesting thing users discovered in India was ‘How to make Oxygen at home’. People were also eager to learn ‘how to link PAN and Aadhaar’.

Here are the top 10 ‘How To’ trends of 2021 in India:

1) How to register for COVID Vaccine

2) How to Download Vaccination Certificate

3) How to increase oxygen level

4) How to link PAN with Aadhaar

5) How to make oxygen at home

6) How to buy Dogecoin in India

7) How to make Banana Roti

8) How to Check IPO Allotment Status

9) How to Invest in Bitcoin

10) How to calculate percentage of marks

Every year, Google releases a list of the top searched trends of the year in various categories. The listing shows what Indians searched for most across the year across categories like news, sports, entertainment and more.