Hathras case: Victim and accused were in constant touch

New Delhi: New revelations are happening daily in the Hathras gang rape case of Uttar Pradesh. A new and shocking thing has come to light in this case. According to Navbharat, UP police investigation revealed that the 19-year-old victim was in constant touch with the main accused in the case. A few days ago, Sandeep Singh of the same village is the main accused in this case of alleged gang rape and murderous attack on a Dalit woman. The Uttar Pradesh Police has investigated the phone of the victim’s family and the main accused. They found that the victim was in constant contact over the phone with the main accused.

According to police, investigations have revealed that Sandeep received a regular call from a number in the name of the victim’s brother. Investigations have revealed that mobile conversation started between the victim’s brother and Sandeep on October 13, 2019. Most of the calls were made from cell towers located in the Chandpa area, 2 km from Boolgadhi, the victim’s village.

According to Hathras police, call records indicate that there were a total of 104 calls, including 62 outgoing and 42 incoming calls between the two phone numbers. According to police, call records show that the victim and the main accused were in constant contact.

The incident of Hathras occurred on 14 September, when the victim was working in a field. When she was dragged by the accused to a nearby farm and was beaten to death. The family alleges that she was gangraped and strangled. Due to this she was admitted to a hospital in Aligarh with serious injuries to the neck bones and spine.

She was later referred to a hospital in Delhi, where she died on 29 September. Since this case, anger has been seen all over the country. Many campaigns are being run on social media. There were pickets and demonstrations across the country. As the investigation progresses in this case, new revelations are coming out.

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