Here Know about Manikarnika Kund, where Mata Parvati’s Kundal fell in

Its is said that god Vishnu had made a pool here for the bathing of Lord Shiva and Parvati, which is know as Manikarnika Kund. When Shiva and Parvati were bathing in this pool, Shiva’s gem and mother Parvati’s kundal fell in this pool, since then this place known as Manikarnika Ghat. This pilgrimage ghat is situated on the banks of the Ganges in Kashi. As this was made by Lord Vishnu with his chakra that is why it is also called Manikarnika Chakra Pushkarni Teerth.

It is said that Lord Shiva has blessed Manikarnika Ghat with a boon of eternal peace. People also believe that Lord Vishnu had worshiped Lord Shiva here for thousands of years and prayed that Kashi should not be destroyed even at the time of the destruction of the universe.

Pleased with the prayer of Shri Vishnu, Lord Shiva came to Kashi with his wife Parvati and fulfilled the wish of Lord Vishnu. Since then it is believed that performing the last rites in Varanasi leads to moksha (that is, one gets out of the cycle of life and death). So this place is considered the holiest for the last rites among the Hindus.

It is believed that even today in the afternoon, Vishnu and Shiva along with all their deities also come to take bath and meditate. That’s why South Indians along with the locals come here in the afternoon to take a bath.

Here’s why God Vishnu created chakra known Chakra Pushkarni?

It is written in the Kashikhand of Skanda Purana that Lord Vishnu did penance here for 80 thousand years at the beginning of the creation period. He created it with his own chakra and it is also called Chakra Pushkarni.

Later, Shiva and Parvati took a happy bath in it. After the first dip of the bath, when both of them jerked their heads, the gem of Shiva and the coil of Parvati fell. Since then its name was Manikarnika Kund. By the way, its full name is Chakra Pushkarni Manikarnika Tirtha.

Bathing here gives Moksha
Adi Shankaracharya has written in his Manikarnika source- ‘Madhyane Manikarnika Hariharo Sayujya Mukti Pradau’ i.e. both Shiva and Vishnu give moksha to those who take bath here in the afternoon.

Therefore, according to people’s belief, God himself takes a bath here in the afternoon, so people come to take a bath in the afternoon.

There is Vishnucharan paduka outside Manikarnikakund. Manikarnikakund is situated about 25 feet below the Ghat level. There are 17-17 steps on all sides to go to the pool.

The idols of Lord Vishnu Ganesh and Shiva are also installed in the south direction on the bank of the Kund. Here people offer water after taking bath.