Here’s about Kashi, it said that it’s standing on the trident of Shiva, not on the ground

Kashi is the city which is respected as we named it. It is also known as Varanasi or Vanaras. One of the oldest cities in the world. It has a history of 3500 years. Let us know in detail about the history and facts of Kashi in today’s lesson.

Kashi has always had a prominent place in Hinduism. It is said that a Hindu has to go on a pilgrimage to Kashi at least once in his lifetime. In short, Kashi or Varanasi for a Hindu is the same as Mecca for Islam and Vatican for Christian.

Kashi is a big human-machine without inertia. Shiva is a yogi and his favorite number is 5. So he built the city on the lines of 5. The basic geometry of Kashi is to connect the subtle world and the gross. Hence, he designed 468 temples. The original shrines for Shiva are 54, the same number for Shakti.

Kashi is a yantra, an extraordinary yantra! As the place of the navel in the human body, it is so, the place of Kashi on the earth. Shiva has kept it literally! The relation of each part of the body is related to the navel and the relation of all the places on the earth is also related to Varanasi. This is the only instrument on earth!

Kashi has been created like the solar system. This yantra was created to create such a huge and majestic human body, which does not have the compulsion to carry materiality with it and which can absorb the whole spiritual process in itself.

Of the 114 chakras within you, 112 are in your physical body, but when it comes to doing something, you can only use 108 chakras. It is being churned in a special way. This pot i.e. human body has come out of this churning. Hence the human body is linked to the solar system. The same churning is going on in this human body as well.

The distance between the Sun and the Earth is 108 times the diameter of the Sun. Of the 114 chakras within you, 112 are in your physical body, but when it comes to doing something, there are only 108 chakras you can use. If you develop these 108 chakras then the remaining four chakras will develop on their own. We don’t work on those chakras. There are 108 types of yoga systems to activate the 108 chakras of the body.

The entire city of Kashi Varanasi was composed in similar way. It is made up of five elements. It is generally believed that due to Shiva being a yogi and Bhuteshwar, his special number is five. Hence the circumference of this place is five kos. In this way he made many concentric surfaces. It shows you the basic geometry texture of Kashi. It begins on the banks of the Ganges and these concentric circles show the interpretation of the circumambulation. The outermost orbit measures 168 miles. This is how the city is built and Vishwanath temple is a small form of it. Such is the structure of the real temple. It is extremely complex. Its original form is no longer there.

Varanasi was made like a human body. Here 72 thousand Shakti Sthals i.e. temples were built. The number of nadis in a human body is also the same. So they built temples and built many corners around them, so that they all add up to 72,000. Here 468 temples were built because there are 13 months in a year according to the lunar calendar. 13 months and 9 planets, 4 directions – in this way 468 temples were built equal to the product of thirteen, nine and four. So it is equal to the number of nadis. The whole process was like the creation of a huge human body. This huge human body was created to interact with the universe.

The whole process of building this city is as if a huge human body is coming in contact with a larger cosmic body. Kashi is a splendid display of the fusion of the subtle and the vast world in terms of texture. Altogether an instrument has been created in the form of a city. A subtle universe was created here to create a fortress of light and to interact with the structure of the universe. 468 temples were established to connect the two things together with the universe and this subtle universe in the form of Kashi.

Of the original temples here, 54 are of Shiva and 54 are of Shakti or Goddess. If we look at the human body also, half of it is pingala and half is ida. The right part belongs to the man and the left part is of the woman. This is the reason why Shiva is also depicted as Ardhanarishvara i.e. half female and half male.

72% of your gross body is water, 12% is earth, 6% is air and 4% is fire. The remaining 6% is sky. All yogic processes are born out of a special science, which is called Bhoota Shuddhi. It means purifying the elements within oneself. If you gain some control over your core elements, suddenly wonderful things will happen to you.

There used to be Saptarishi worship in 468 temples one after the other and this generated so much energy that everyone wanted to come to this place. This place became not only a place of spirituality, but also a center of trade and education apart from music, arts and crafts.

The greatest sages of this country belong to Kashi. The city has given the country many people of great wisdom and knowledge. Albert Einstein said, “Western and modern science could not have progressed even a step without the basis of Indian mathematics. This mathematics came from Banaras itself. Here is the basis of this math.

The manner in which this city instrument was constructed was very accurate. It is so complete in itself that in terms of geometrical construction and mathematics, every person wants to come to this city. Because this city generates amazing energy inside itself. That is why even today it is said that “Kashi is not on the ground. It is on tip of Shiva’s trident.”

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