Here’s an interesting story of Shanidev and Ravana

It is said that the great demon Ravana wished that his son should be invincible and should not die. He was also a great knower of astrology. Don’t know by what accident, as soon as his wife’s delivery time approached, he tied all the planets together and placed them in the ascendant. His argument was that if all the seven planets are in ascendant in the horoscope of his son, then even death will not be able to touch his child. It is true that in such a situation the Ascendant would definitely become powerful.

The speed of the creator is different. Ravana had done a great job by tying all the planets together, but his attention was diverted from one fact. Shani likes to be in the dark by nature. It’s okay to be messy. He is happy in the coolness. By the way, how could Shani tolerate the intensity of Sun! Within no time, a stream of sweat broke out from his body. Naturally he started lurking and hiding. When troubled Shani touched his sweaty body, the dirt left on his body came to his hands.

It is also the experience of all of us that being upset, we get rid of the dirt from the neck and throw it away by making a bullet. Shani also did something similar. The ball made of dirt and sweat of his body left his hand and fell in the seventh house of the horoscope. This bullet was called Gulik, which started seeing the ascendant. In this way, when Ravana’s son was born, the sight of Gulik was also falling on the seven planets sitting in that child’s ascendant, due to which the child became short-lived instead of immortal.

It is said that Ravana got angry and tied Gulik to the foot of his royal throne in such a way that he used to crush Gulik’s head with his feet while sitting on the throne. When Narad Rishi saw this, he said to Ravana, O demon king! It is a part of Saturn, so its bones are very strong. What will happen if you step on its head? If you rub its nose with your shoe, it will be in pain.

Death must have encircled Ravana. He got into Narad’s words and Gulik was tied in such a way that Ravana would climb or descend by stepping on his nose. But due to this, Gulik’s vision started falling on Ravana as well and it is said that due to the same vision, Ravana was also destroyed.

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