Here’s how Robin Hood – Dulla Bhatti has got relate to Lohri; Know Sundari and Mundari

The festival of Lohri is celebrated on the winter solstice. After Lohri, the light of day is meant to rise, with people believing it brings a pleasant morning of hope. It is a harvest festival celebrated enthusiastically by the Punjabi. It is basically a festival of Punjab and Haryana. The festival of Lohri starts early in the morning and people greet each other with great enthusiasm.

The festival of Lohri is also associated with the Bikram Calendar and is a twin with Makar Sankranti which is celebrated as Maghi Sankrant in the Punjab region. Lohri is celebrated to commemorate the passing of the winter solstice. This festival is celebrated to welcome the new financial year of the farmers according to the Bikram calendar. The new agricultural tenure is about to begin at Lohri and the rent is collected on this day, which is why it is celebrated as the next financial year.

Lohri is the most famous festival of Punjab and Haryana, but is now widely celebrated by Hindus as well. This festival is so popular among various regions and regions of our country that everyone celebrates it with great joy and enthusiasm. Lohri is like a thanksgiving ceremony as the farmers on Lohri show their gratitude to the Almighty for good abundance and rich harvest.

Lohri songs play an important role in the celebration of the program as these songs represent the joy and excitement filled by a person. These songs are being enjoyed by everyone celebrating Lohri. Singing and dancing is an important part of the festival. These songs are like traditional folk songs sung to thank God for a rich harvest and good abundance. Lohri songs are also sung to remember Punjabi warrior Dulla Bhatti. People wear their shiny clothes and perform bhangra and giddha on the beat of the drum. The dance is performed around the bonfire on the beat of the drum.

People also associated Lohri with the story of Dulla Bhatti. The central character of many Lohri songs is Dulla Bhatti, who lived in Punjab during the tenure of the Mughal Emperor Akbar. To pay tribute, many also refer to Robin Hood – Dulla Bhatti of Punjab. They not only robbed the rich, but also saved the poor Punjabi girls who were forcibly taken to the slaves market to sell. Among them, there were two girls named Sundari and Mundari, who deliberately became the subject of folklore in Punjab. Therefore, Lohri’s songs are sung to pay respect to the services rendered by him during his lifetime.

In Andhra Pradesh, the day before Makar Sankranti is known as Bhogi. On this day, all things old and degrading are discarded and new things are brought into focus due to change or change. At dawn, the bonfire is illuminated with logs of wood, other solid-fuel and wood furniture in the house are useless. Only materialistic things are not disposed of, with these things, all bad habits and bad thoughts are sacrificed in the sacrificial fire of knowledge of Rudra known as Rudra Gyan Gyan Yajna. It represents the purification and transformation of the soul.

यहां जानिए रॉबिन हुड – दुल्ला भट्टी का लोहड़ी से संबंध क्यों है; सुंदरी और मुंडारी कौन थे?