Here’s how unique Railway station separated by states, united by Indian Railways

Navapur railway station in Nandurbar district of Maharashtra is a unique railway station with one part in Tapi district of Gujarat and the other part in Nandurbar district of Maharashtra.

It is the only railway station touching the border of Gujarat and Maharashtra simultaneously. There is a story behind the division of Navapur railway station into two states, in fact, when this station was built, Maharashtra and Gujarat were not divided, but on May 1, 1961, when the Mumbai province was divided, it was divided into two states, Maharashtra. Went. and Gujarat.

In this partition, Navapur station came between the two states and since then it has a different identity.

There is also a bench at this station, half of which is in Maharashtra and half in Gujarat. Those sitting on this bench have to keep in mind that in which state they are sitting, a selfie point has been made at this station, where people come from far and wide to take photographs.

The ticket window of this station falls in Maharashtra, while the station master sits in Gujarat, not only this, there is also an announcement in four different languages at this station.

The information is also written in four languages Hindi, Gujarati English and Marathi, so it is easy to understand for travelers coming from both Maharashtra and Gujarat.

The total length of Navapur railway station is 800 meters, out of which 300 meters fall in Maharashtra and 500 meters in Gujarat. The station has three platforms and four railway tracks.