Here’s the proper method of performing Aarti of Goddess? Lets learn

Performing aarti to the deity is an important part of deity worship. The meaning of Aarti is to take refuge in the deity and sing his praises with devotion to receive his grace and prasad. Aarti is a simple medium for human beings to see the deity in Kali Yuga. On invoking the deity from the heart through aarti, the deity appears to the worshiper through his form or light. That is why our sages and sages composed the aarti of different deities. To get the blessings of the Mother Goddess, it is beneficial to take care of some sutras while performing her aarti.

What is the proper method of singing Devi ki Aarti?
The element of the Goddess, that is, the Shaktitattva, is a combination of tarak and marak power. Therefore, it is favored to sing the Aarti with less shock of words, with medium velocity, in the melodious melody and with a fervent spirit.

Which instruments should be played?
Devitattva is a symbol of Shaktitattva, therefore it is favored to play soft-handed leather instruments which create powerful waves while performing the aarti.

How to perform the aarti of the Goddess – Ekrati or Pancharati?
It depends on the spirit and spiritual level of the person performing the aarti of the Goddess.

a. performing aarti by pancharati
‘Pancharati’ is a symbol of plurality (of the fickle form of Maya). If the person performing the aarti is a primary stage seeker (less than 50% level), then he should perform the pancharati of the goddess.

Monotony of the Goddess
Ekrati is a symbol of ‘oneness’. Emotional and above 50 percent level seekers should bring out the monotony of the Goddess.

Performing aarti with self-realization
The enlightened soul, who is more than 70 percent level and entered in the latent house, looks at the Goddess in its own end only with a healthy self-light. Taking down the aarti from Atmajyoti is a symbol of ‘steady sense of oneness’.

Proper Method of Performing Aarti of Goddess
The worshipers of the Goddess should be removed from their left side to the right in the direction of the thorns of the clock in a complete circular manner.

After the aarti, one or nine circumambulation of the Mother Goddess should be done. By doing all these works with bhav, the worshiper gets more benefit of the divine element.