Here’s Who was Hari Singh Nalwa? Even today Pathans wear salwars out of fear of Sikhs

Hari Singh Nalwa, even today Pathans wear salwars out of fear of Sikhs is called Pathani suit, is actually a salwar kameez worn by women.

It was a speech of Acharya Dharmendra ji Maharaj in Hindi Bhawan of Delhi. an speech by old Sardar ji cried with a sound like lightning, “Our ancestor Hari Singh Nalwa wore salwars to the Pathans. Even today Pathans wear salwars out of fear of Sikhs.” There was a lot of applause from the stage on this matter. The speech was very good, but my mind went to look for the historical truth and proof of this statement.

For a few days now, a post was also viral on social media in which it was told that out of fear of Hari Singh Nalwa, Pathans started wearing Punjabi women’s salwar. But in this post also no historical evidence was given. Eventually I started my research in which I have found many important facts in this regard.

Ten years ago today, Tehrike Taliban Pakistan, a terrorist organization with influence from the Pathans, had established its dominance in the Pakistani areas of Khyber Pakhtoonwan, Peshawar, Fata. Then this terrorist organization had implemented a dress code for all the Pathans… and that dress code was that all the Pathans have to wear Pathani Suit… ie Salwar Kameez… at that time the Crown of Swat princely state of Pakistan. Prince… son-in-law of former Pakistani dictator Ayub Khan… A very famous statement was made by Miyangul Aurangzeb, former parliamentarian of Pakistan and former governor of Balochistan.

Miyangul Aurangzeb had condemned the Talibani dress code and said that the Taliban has no knowledge about its history, in fact the dress code that Taliban is implementing is not the correct dress code of the Pathans… This dress code is Salwar. The shirt was worn by Pathan men out of fear of the sword of Hari Singh Nalwa… and not voluntarily. At that time, Miyangul Aurangzeb’s statement had deeply hurt the sentiments of the alleged Marde Momin of Pakistan because Miyangul Aurangzeb had told the historical truth.

In fact, Miangul Aurangzeb wanted to show the mirror to the Taliban, but in the process of showing this mirror, the entire Islamic country of Pakistan became naked and it became publicly public that what Muslims wear as Pathani suits, in fact they are afraid of Hari Singh Nalwa’s sword. The salwar kameez worn is… which is the first worn by Punjabi women. Before being intimidated by Hari Singh Nalwa, the Pathan Muslims used to wear a dhoti or lungi which was specially tied.

What was the exact statement given by Pashtun leader Miyangul Aurangzeb…

“The army of Maharaja Ranjit Singh came to the frontier in 1820 under the leadership of Hari Singh Nalwa… Hari Singh Nalwa’s army very easily conquered our forefathers. This is the only time in the entire written history when we But the rule of foreigners came into force and we became slaves.The Pathans were so frightened by the Sikh army that they all used to hide on seeing the Sikhs in the market, whoever opposed the Sikhs were brutally crushed. At that time it became very popular that Sikhs do not take the lives of three people… first women… second children and third elders. After this Pathans started wearing salwar kameez worn by Punjabi women i.e. this is such a time. It came when women and men started wearing the same clothes. After this, Sikhs also refrained from killing those Pathans who wore women’s salwars. Actually, wearing salwars of Pathans was a kind of surrender of Pathans in front of the Sikh army. And surrendered parsikhs never attack anyway.”

Mian Gul Aurangzeb’s statement literally (Mian Gul was the son-in-law of former President of Pakistan and dictator Ayub Khan and former governor of Balochistan.

The statement I found was the statement of Miangul Aurangzeb… This statement was also published on many websites of Pakistan. Even today this statement is present on a website called… (Now don’t ask me, brother people… you will find yourself searching on the internet) Despite the opposition of the people of Pakistan, this website has given this statement of Mian Gul Aurangzeb. The statement was not removed. Because this Pakistani website believes that unless Pakistani Muslims come to know about their cowardice, they will continue to brag falsely and will always lose to India.

Apart from this, the evidence of this incident is also found in two books. is mentioned. It is also written on page number 264 of this book that Hari Singh Nalwa had asked for tax from the Pathans. Then the Pathans just to see what Hari Singh Nalwa would do? Refused to pay tax. In anger, Hari Singh Nalwa took out his sword from the sheath… Then the Pathans got down on their knees and apologized and said that they will pay taxes. But Hari Singh Nalwa did not put his sword in the sheath and said that my sword has come out of the sheath, now I will not return without doing my work… I want the heads of five Pathans. Then the Pathans gave five goats to Hari Singh Nalwa after making a lot of pleas to cut them and quench their thirst for blood with their sword. It was Raula… of Hari Singh Nalwa. Hari Singh Nalwa reminded those Pathans who are considered one of the best fighters in the world.

Make yourself as strong as Hari Singh Nalwa.