Here’s Why and how Lord Shiva had to take Hanuman’s avatar

Hanuman ji was the incarnation of Shiva and it is also true that Lord Rama was the reason for the Hanuman avatar of Shiva. It has been told in the Ramayana that once Lord Shiva also had a desire to go to the earth and see Lord Rama. At that time the age of Lord Rama must have been around 5 years. But the problem in front of Lord Shiva was that he could not go in his real form.

In such a situation, one day Lord Shiva said to Mother Parvati- You know, Parvati, my Ram has taken birth on earth and has a desire to serve her darshan. I wish that now I should go away from here and live in the world where Rama is there. Parvati got upset on hearing this and said sadly, O lord, what is the mistake I have made that you have left me here on earth. going to live on. He said lord if you go then go but listen to one thing without you I will not survive here.

After listening to Mother Parvati, Lord Shiva realized that even Parvati cannot live without me. And if I go from here then surely Parvati will sacrifice her life. Thinking of this, Lord Shiva got caught in the chakravyuh of attachment. Because on the one hand one had to stay with Mother Parvati and on the other side also had to go to the world of Lord Rama.

In such a situation, Lord Shiva told the complete secret of his eleven Rudras to Mother Parvati and said – Look, Parvati, one of these eleven Rudras, I am going to take the incarnation of a monkey in today’s time. One of the Rudrakshas today will be a form of Vanara which will later be known as Hanuman. The scriptures tell that Lord Shiva knew everything. Shiva ji was able to see the entire lifetime of Ram ji, he knew that once Ram ji would need me to do the welfare of the earth.

Pleased with severe penance, Mother entered Anjani’s womb

According to another legend, Hanumanji’s mother Anjani had done severe penance for Lord Shiva and sought a boon to have him as a son. Then Lord Shiva in the form of Pawan Dev offered a part of his Raudra Shakti in the form of Yagya Kund and then the same power entered Anjani’s womb. Then Hanuman ji was born on the full moon day of Chaitra Shukla.

According to mythology, when Lord Vishnu took the incarnation of Rama to put an end to Ravana, at the same time all the gods took different incarnations. The best of all the incarnations of Lord Shiva is considered to be the monkey avatar of Lord Shiva. This incident has also been confirmed in Ram Charit Manas Agastya Samhita, Vinaya Patrika and Vayu Purana.

Different scholars have different opinions regarding the birth of Hanuman ji, but according to the legend, when Lord Vishnu took the incarnation of Rama to end Ravana, then all the gods also appeared in different forms.

Lord Shiva also knew that if neither I nor Rama will be seen in Kali Yuga, then there will be no incarnation on earth. Therefore Shiva gave birth to a powerful form of his, which will remain immortal even in Kaliyuga and will remove the sorrow and pain of the people of the earth. That is why even today the devotees get darshan of Hanuman ji. Much evidence have been found that Hanuman ji is still present on earth.