Here’s Why are these Medical students in scrubs trending?

Rasputin Challenge: Dancing to the tunes of the 1970s Boney M classic ‘Rasputin’, Janaki and Naveen, two medical students from Thrissur Medical College in Kerala have rocked social media for more than one reason.

A 30-second-long video of her dancing in a scrub shot by a friend was posted on social media and went viral on the internet, especially when a right-wing lawyer referred religion to Janaki Omkumar’s parents Had warned. Naveen Razak.

But the dancers chose to ignore what the lawyer is driving and even after online discussions about their religion, as scores of others have expressed solidarity with them.

Now, the Kerala Police has also banned dance videos in an attempt to spread awareness among the people on the need to vaccinate against the novel Coronavirus.

It posted a video of two vials of Covishield on its Twitter handle and vaccinated Covaxin while following to the tune of one of the band’s popular numbers.

Get the vaccination done to the nearest vaccination center. Crush the Curve. Back to basics. #Keralapolice #CovidVaccine (sic), using the Kerala Police’s tweet, used a contemporary way to promote the vaccine among the public.

Meanwhile, Naveen received over 6.7 lakh likes for the video posted on his Instagram page and Janaki posted the video on his YouTube channel. It was seen by about five lakh people.

Naveen wrote on her Instagram page, ‘Usually a dead phone of mine and active social media users for the last several days are themselves in discussion for the last few days.’

Both Naveen and Janaki sought to ignore the comments made by the lawyer about her dance.

When social media started discussing about their religion, Janaki and Naveen’s fellow students posted another video with more students dancing ‘Rasputin’.

They all appeared in a video wearing their scrubs and masks.

Naveen and Janaki made their presence in the video for a few seconds.