Here’s why important to focus on lifestyle to avoid Varicose veins: Dr. Shivraj Ingole

Mumbai: You may have noticed the blue veins visible under the skin but never thought that these veins can be painful. When these veins under the skin surface start growing, they are called varicose veins.

The most affected veins occur in the feet and toes of a person. Sometimes it takes the form of a serious problem and can also be a sign of increased risk of blood circulatory problems in the body.

Tissues carry blood from the vein to the heart. Unlike gravity, veins carry blood from the feet to the heart. There are valves inside the veins to help carry this flow upwards. When the valves become weak, the blood does not climb upwards and sometimes starts flowing downwards.

In such a situation, the veins swell and they become crooked as the length increases. This is varicose veins. Very dangerous ulcers can form in varicose veins.

Professor Shivraj Ingole, professor and interventional radiologist at JJ Hospital and Grant Medical College, Mumbai, says that any vein can be varicose veins. The problem of varicose veins can be due to increasing age, obesity, prolonged standing or sitting, damaged valves since birth. When blood does not flow properly in the veins, it starts swelling. Apart from this symptom, there are other symptoms which are caused by varicose veins and people usually ignore it. In the case of varicose veins, there is pain in the feet, heaviness. If any of these symptoms appear for a long time, then contact the doctor. The doctor will examine the veins and may also get an ultrasound done to check the effect of blood.

Doctor Shivraj says that to avoid varicose veins, one must also pay attention to lifestyle. There is a great need to keep the weight balanced to avoid this. Keep blood pressure under control, avoid sitting or standing for long periods of time. After sitting for a while, keep walking a little. Do physical activity like yoga or exercise regularly. Eat more fiber and less moist food.