Here’s why Kamala Harris’s big day is being celebrated with full enthusiasm from New Delhi

New Delhi: Indian-origin Kamala Harris created history on Wednesday as she was sworn in as America’s first female vice president at a historic opening at the West Front of the Capitol.

She will serve as deputy to 78-year-old President Joe Biden, who sworn in as the 46th US President. Harris is also the first woman, first black, and first South Asian American vice president.

Her husband Douglas Ehmoff, 56, is the vice-president’s first male spouse in the US. Justice Sonia Sotomayor, the first Latina member of the Supreme Court, administered the oath of office to Harris.

She was taken to the podium by Capitol Police Officer Eugene Goodman, the officer who single-handedly captured a crowd of Trump supporters as he tried to break the Senate floor during the Capitol Rebellion that tried to reverse the election results Was doing.

Harris placed her left hand on two bulges for her life and political ascendancy, as she raised her right hand to take the oath of office. One of the Bibles is of Regina Shelton, a black woman who was an emotional anchor during Harris’ early years in California. The other Bible belongs to the late civil rights icon and Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall, for her role in Harris University’s choice of Harris for her graduation and to see the law as a tool to bring equity is in shaping your thinking.

Kamala Harris was born in 1964 in Oakland, California, after parents raised her on the basis of civil rights activism. Her mother, Shyamala Gopalan Harris, was a breast cancer researcher who died of cancer in 2009. Harris’s father, Donald, is a Jamaican-American economics professor.

On the campaign trail, Harris often talked about how her activist parents would push her into her stroller in the march to civil rights. They have divorced in 1972.

Harris grew up in the Bay Area but made frequent trips to India to visit extended family. At the age of 12, she and her sister Maya moved to Montreal with their mother, where Gopalan Harris obtained a teaching position at McGill University as well as a research post at Jewish General Hospital.

After graduating from Howard in 1986 and Hastings College of Law at the University of California in 1989, Harris passed the bar the following year and joined the Alameda County Prosecutor’s Office as Assistant District Attorney. From there, he made her political debut.

In 2003, Harris won her first race for San Francisco District Attorney, becoming the first black woman to hold such an office in California. In 2010, she became the first black woman elected as California Attorney General, and in 2016, she became only the second black woman elected as a US legislator.

Residents of a small village in Chennai set fire to a temple, set off firecrackers, and prayed, and as they looked at Kamala Harris, who has strong roots in the village, she takes the oath of office and on Wednesday, American Becomes Vice President. Kamala Harris was sworn in as America’s first female Vice President.

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