Here’s why Kartik month is considered one of the most sacred month in Hinduism

Kartik is considered one of the most sacred months in Hinduism and holds special significance for various religious and cultural rituals including the celebration of Diwali, the festival of lights. During the month of Kartik, devout Hindus often perform rituals, fasts, and pray to seek blessings, purify their souls, and express devotion to their deities. The specific dates of the month of Kartik may vary from year to year depending on the lunar calendar.

Kartik month also known as Damodar month (masa) is the longest month of the year where a devotee can purify himself in the holy month. Kartik month is very dear to Lord Krishna. There is a lot of devotee affection in this month.

Even a small fast will have a significant impact. Kartik Vrat, or the festival of offering lights to Lord Krishna, commemorates the act of Mother Yashoda tying Lord Krishna with ropes and its effect lasts for a hundred births.

In some places, the month of Kartik started from October 28 (Saturday), while others will be celebrated from October 29 (Sunday) to November 28, 2023.


Each month in the twelve-month calendar described in the Puranas (Vedic scriptures) is ruled by a different incarnation of Lord Vishnu. The months are arranged according to the constellation pattern; Kartik is one of these months, overseen by Lord Damodar, and the constellation pattern there is Kirtika (another name for Radharani based on her mother’s name Kirtida). Krishna enjoys the month of Kartik because he is bhakta-vatsal (close to the heart), as much as Radharani enjoys this month.

Lord Shri Krishna says, “Among all the plants, Holy Tulsi is most dear to me; Of all the months Kartik is the most beloved, of all the pilgrimages my beloved Dwarka is the most beloved and of all the days Ekadashi is the most beloved.” (Padma Purana, Uttara Khanda 112.3).

The festival of Kartik, which glorifies Lord Krishna by offering lamps, remembers the moment when Mother Yashoda tied Lord Krishna with ropes. The Puranas glorify the practice of observing fast throughout the month of Kartik.

“Just as Satyayuga is the best among the yugas, just as the Vedas are the best among the scriptures, just as the Ganges is the best among the rivers, so is the Kartika the best among the months, most dear to Lord Krishna.” (Skanda Purana).


While feeding Krishna her milk on the day of Diwali, Mother Yashoda had to put him down in a pot of boiling milk to keep it on fire. When Krishna broke his mother’s butter jars, he gave the contents to the monkeys because they were very sad. Mother Yashoda punished Krishna for his mischievous attitude by tying him with a rope to a large grinding mortar in the courtyard.

The rope to be tied around Krishna’s waist was two fingers short. He tried again and again, adding more and more ropes, however, the ropes never got long enough. Then, taking pity on his exhausted mother, Krishna agreed to be bound. When Krishna was alone, he broke two Yamala-Arjuna trees with a mortar, causing them to fall to the ground. Narada Muni had cursed Kuber’s sons Nalakuvera and Manigriva, who were imprisoned in these trees. Now they are free.

Other festivals of this month:

The month of Kartik is the best among all the months, and many special festivals come in this month like Dhan-Teras, Diwali, Govardhan Puja, Bhai Dooj, Tulsi Vivah, Raas-Leela, Manifestation of Radha-Kund and many other festivals.