Here’s Why Swastika considered a Mars symbol, know! Its benefits, effects and importance

Before starting any auspicious work, it is important in Hindu religion to make a sign of Swastik and worship it. It is believed that doing so brings success. The symbol of Swastika is also considered as the symbol of Mars.

The word Swastika is considered to be a combination of ‘Su’ and ‘Asti’. Here ‘su’ means auspicious and ‘asti’ means to be. That is, the fundamental meaning of Swastika is ‘be auspicious’, ‘be well-being’. The symbol of Swastika is made on special occasions of marriage, shaving, birth of children and worship.

This is the reason why worshiping the Swastik during any auspicious work is considered very important. But there are many facts behind what this symbol of Swastika actually represents. There are four types of lines in the swastika, which have the same shape.

It is believed that these lines point towards four directions – East, West, North and South. But according to Hindu beliefs, these lines symbolize the four Vedas – Rigveda, Yajurveda, Atharvaveda and Samaveda. Some also believe that these four lines represent the four heads of Lord Brahma, the creator of the universe.

Apart from this, these four lines have been compared with four Purusharthas, four Ashrams, four Lokas and four Devas i.e. Lord Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh (Lord Shiva) and Ganesha. After connecting the four lines of the swastika, the point formed in the middle is also defined by various beliefs.

It is believed that if the four lines of the swastika are considered as the four heads of Lord Brahma, then the point in the middle is the navel of Lord Vishnu, from which Lord Brahma appears. Apart from this, this central part also indicates the beginning of the world from one end.

The four lines of the swastika run in a clockwise direction, which symbolizes the right direction of the world. According to Hindu beliefs, if a circular line is drawn around the swastika, then it is considered a sign of the Sun God. The Sun God who gives light to the whole world with his energy. Apart from Hinduism, Swastika has importance in many other religions.

In Buddhism, the swastika is considered a symbol of good fortune. It shows the footprints of Lord Buddha, hence it is considered so sacred. Not only this, the Swastika is also inscribed in the heart, palm and feet of Lord Buddha.

The use of swastika is considered the highest in Hinduism itself, but if the swastika has gained recognition anywhere above Hinduism, then it is Jainism. Swastika has more importance in Jainism than in Hinduism. In Jainism, it is the symbol of the seventh Jin, which is also known as Suparshvanath by all Tirthankaras. Shwetambar Jains consider Swastika to be the main symbol of Ashta Mangal.

Why swastika is made only with red color
Red color is of utmost importance in Indian culture and it is used in the form of Sindoor, Roli or Kumkum in Manglik works. Red color symbolizes bravery and victory. Red color also represents love, adventure and courage. Apart from religious importance, red color is also considered correct from scientific point of view. Red color quickly affects the physical and mental level of a person. This color is powerful and original. The color of Mars, one of the planets present in our solar system, is also red. It is a planet which is known for courage, might, strength and power. These are some of the reasons that recommend the use of only red color while making the swastika.

Scientists built many instruments for the information of storm, rain, underground water, oil well etc. The information obtained from these instruments is not completely true and completely false. The Germans and France have invented instruments, which give us information about energies. The name of that instrument is Bovis. The energies of the swastika are being studied with this instrument. Scientists have tried to give its information to the world. A swastika duly made in full size contains about 1 lakh Bovis energies. The information is amazing and amazing.

The importance of the swastika has been told in all religions. It is known by different names in different countries. Traces of swastika are also found in the Indus Valley civilizations four thousand years ago. In Buddhism, the shape of the swastika is depicted at the heart of Gautama Buddha. In Central Asia countries, the sign of the swastika is considered auspicious and auspicious.

After external purification of the body, wearing pure clothes and observing the fast of celibacy (on the day when the swastika is made), make a nine-finger swastika with holy feelings keeping all the arms equal at an angle of 90 degrees. With saffron, with kumkum, with a mixture of vermilion and oil, with the ring finger in the Brahma Muhurta, a good change can be felt for some time in the atmosphere of that house. At the main entrance of the building or flat and at the entrance of every room. Positive energies arrive by marking on the main door of the building or flat and by marking on the door of every room, positive energies arrive.

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