Here’s Why Vishwamitra Created a Parallel Universe

Sage Vishwamitra created a parallel universe by the power of his penance, which is known as Trishanku Swarg. According to the Balkand of Ramayana, King Trishanku of the Ikshvaku dynasty wanted to go to heaven in his own body. Hence, Trishanku met Vashistha Muni and sought his help. Vashistha Muni refused and asked to leave him alone. Then Trishanku met Vasishtha Muni’s son but he too refused to help.

So Trishanku starts teasing her and tells her many bad things. Vashishta Muni got angry and cursed him to become a Chandal. After that, the unhappy Trishanku went to Maharishi Vishwamitra and told everything, after which Vishwamitra decided to help Trishanku.

Vishwamitra performed a yajna in which Trishanku was sent to heaven in his body. When Trishanku reached heaven, Indra and the other gods were horrified to see Trishanku’s fiery Chandala form. Indra did not allow him to enter heaven and was sent back to earth, where he too was rejected.

Trapped in the middle, Trishanku again sought help from Vishwamitra. To help him, Vishwamitra used the power of his tenacity and decided to create a third universe for him between Swargloka and Hades, which was later named Trishanku Swarg. known from. He created a parallel universe with all the planets, a sun, the saptarishi mandala and other constellations in the south direction. He also made replicas of the gods for the new universe.

In the new universe, Vishwamitra created a buffalo instead of a cow. He made crows in place of sparrows. This new universe would have led to an unnatural equilibrium. Brahma, the creator of the universe and all the gods and goddesses were worried about this. He came to Vishwamitra and told him – Do not do anything unnatural to sinners like Trishanku, he is not the sum of enjoying such prosperity.

Realizing the reality, Vishwamitra stopped his public works and hung Trishanku upside down in the world he had created, then Trishanku was turned into a constellation, which is today known in English as CRUX.

However, later Brahmaji merged the two universes together to maintain the natural balance. After which all the creatures from the new universe like buffalo, crow etc. will come to the main universe. In the process of creating a new universe, Vishwamitra utilized all the penances he had attained. Therefore, after this incident, Vishwamitra had to resume his prayers to attain the status of Brahmarshi and become equal to Vasishtha Muni.

Isn’t it amazing that today everyone sees the creation of parallel universes and the merging of two universes many times in comics and movies. But it was not known that all this has been done by the sages of our country in real form.

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