Here’s Why was Hanuman ji cursed to forget his powers?

The names of the parents of Hanuman ji were Kesari and Anjana, who got him after much effort. Hanuman is believed to be the 11th incarnation of Lord Shiva, who took birth on this earth with the aim of helping Lord Rama, the seventh complete incarnation of Lord Vishnu. For this reason, there is a lot of strength and power in Hanuman ji.

Since Bajrangbali belonged to the monkey race and was very playful in his childhood, he used to harass the sages living around him a lot in his childhood. His mischief was increasing day by day, due to which his parents also started getting worried.

Fickle nature of hanuman ji

Hanuman ji used to toss the sages engaged in meditation and yoga with his power in the air or used to throw the wood of the yajna. They also damaged the trees of the forest. Many sages Bhrigu and Angira lived in that forest, who were troubled by the defiant nature of Hanuman. But to help Lord Shri Ram, it was also necessary to have this force in him.

Hanuman ji got curse

That is why one day all the sages discussed with the parents of Hanuman ji and after that cursed Hanuman that he would forget all his powers and strength for a time and would not be able to use them.

After a time, when they will get the most help from this and have to serve Shri Ram, then they will be reminded again of their powers by a knowledgeable person. By which they will know their same strength and might and they will become as strong as they are now.

After getting this curse, Bal Hanuman forgot all the powers he got himself and as a result, he also stopped harassing the sages. Now Hanuman would be absorbed in the devotion of God and study the Vedas and scriptures.

In search of Mata Sita

When Mother Sita was kidnapped by Ravana, Sugriva sent his armies in all four directions as per the orders of Lord Rama. Hanuman was also sent along with Jambavant, Angad etc. in the south direction where the ocean came after a boundary.

When he came to know through Jatayu’s brother Sampati that Ravana had taken Sita across to Lanka, it was impossible for the monkey army to go there. Jambavan himself was now old, so he too was unable to cross the ocean.

Jambwant reminded Hanuman the power

Jambwant ji had knowledge about the powers of Hanuman ji and the curse he received. It was the right time to remind Hanuman of his forgotten powers. That is why Jambwant ji told Hanuman everything about that time and described his powers.

Due to being reminded again by Jambwant ji, Hanuman got freedom from the curse of the sages and again the same brilliance and strength came back in him, on the basis of which he found Mother Sita and helped Lord Shri Ram.