Hindus being tricked into marriage by Love Jihad, Metro man E Sreedharan ahead to join BJP

E Sreedharan, popularly known as India’s “metro man”, said on Friday that he was opposed to the notion of ‘love jihad’ as he has seen Hindu girls tricking into marriage in Kerala.

A day after his remarks, he was set to join the BJP and contest as a candidate in the Kerala Assembly elections to be held in April-May.

“Love Jihad, yes, I see what has happened in Kerala. How Hindus are being tricked into marriage and how they are suffering… not only Hindu, Muslim, Christian girls are being cheated in marriage. Now I will definitely oppose that.

Sreedharan’s remarks come when there is a debate around the ‘love jihad’ law and the BJP-led state governments of Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh have declared conversion by fraud, coercion or marriage.

The 88-year-old engineer, who founded the Delhi Metro and the Konkan Railway, said he was now going to focus on BJP-centric activities and help the party come to power in Kerala. He also said that he is open to the post of Chief Minister and if BJP wins the elections in the state, then focus on development of infrastructure.

“Personally, I am a very strict vegetarian. I don’t even eat eggs, of course I don’t like anyone to eat meat. This is certain… ”Sreedharan said, in response to a question on BJP’s campaign against eating beef and cow meat in Kerala.