Holi 2022: Bhang hangover? Here’s tried and tested remedies to get rid of hangover

In the fun of Holi, you do a lot of things, which can be harmful for your health. One such problem is the cannabis hangover. You must rely on these Ayurvedic remedies to take it off.

Holi means lots of fun, colours, happiness and cannabis. Bhang has a special significance in this festival of colours. But the hangover of cannabis is equally troublesome as any other drug. It is said that if something sweet is eaten after drinking cannabis, then the intoxication of cannabis intensifies, and on Holi, it is always drunk by mixing it with sweet thandai. Which has to bear the brunt of the next day, because the whole day feels tired and lethargic due to hangover. Along with headache, there are many other problems which spoil the whole day.

However, it is quite easy to get rid of a cannabis hangover. There are many such remedies out there that will help you get rid of a cannabis hangover as soon as possible. Let us first know about the advantages and disadvantages of cannabis.

Cannabis is full of medicinal properties

There are many such properties in cannabis, which can cure many diseases. According to the National Institutes for Health, people have used cannabis to treat their ailments for at least 3000 years. However, the Food and Drug Administration has not considered treatment with cannabis to be safe or effective for any medical condition. But a substance called cannabidiol present in cannabis was approved in June 2018 as a treatment for some types of epilepsy.

Cannabis is effective in mental health problems

Regular consumption of cannabis can relieve you from many mental problems, including depression, anxiety. These often cause problems in sleeping, and cannabis has been used for centuries in Ayurveda for this problem. Regular consumption of cannabis can help you have a better sleep. Actually cannabis is capable of putting you in a subconscious mind. Because of which you do not think much.

Bhang is also helpful in arthritis

Cannabis can also help you with a disease like arthritis, as they are used extensively for rheumatoid arthritis. Bhang is used mostly in Ayurvedic treatment. It is used to cool the system both externally and internally. Basically, all that inflammatory reaction that goes against your joints helps them to manage.

Cannabis should be consumed in controlled quantity

Cannabis can be Addiction: No matter what kind of intoxication, it can be addictive. Anything more than necessary always does harm. When a person becomes addicted to it and experiences symptoms, it is called Cannabis Withdrawal Syndrome. Excessive consumption of cannabis can also have a bad effect on your brain.

Bhaang addiction can also lead to bipolar disorder

Bipolar disorder: Excessive consumption of cannabis can also lead to serious mental problems like bipolar disorder. This is a type of depression, in which a person starts fearing even his own shadow. However, the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine report that there is only limited evidence of a link between cannabis use and the development of bipolar disorder in people who have no history of the condition.

If you have consumed cannabis on Holi, then know how to get rid of its hangover

Bhang hangover Lemon helps in de-addiction.

Desi Ghee or Butter: Like cannabis, Desi Ghee is also an Ayurvedic medicine. Desi ghee is considered very important in Ayurveda. If a person has got addicted to cannabis, then desi ghee can help a lot in getting rid of it. For this, you can consume desi ghee with anything. Apart from this, you can also consume butter.

Lemon: You must have often consumed lemon to get rid of alcohol intoxication. This recipe is also very effective for cannabis. Sour things can help you to get rid of cannabis addiction. Take lemon, orange, seasonal juice. This will help you get rid of cannabis as soon as possible. Coconut water: Coconut water contains many minerals and electrolytes that help hydrate the body. If you’ve got a cannabis hangover, coconut water can help. For this try drinking fresh coconut water.

Ginger: Ginger juice can also help in getting rid of cannabis addiction as soon as possible. For this take a piece of ginger and peel it. Keep it in the mouth and drink its juice while stirring slowly. This recipe is very effective and can help you in controlling your hangover.