How Krishna pleased with the penance of Shani Dev and how he appeared as a cuckoo

When Lord Shri Krishna was born, all the deities came to Nandgaon to have his darshan. Devotee of Krishna Shanidev also reached Nandgaon to have darshan of Shri Krishna along with the deities. But mother Yashoda refused him to see Nandlal. Mother Yashoda was afraid that Shani Dev’s curved vision might fall on Kanha. Shani Dev did not like this and he got disappointed and started doing penance by coming to the forest near Nandgaon. Shani Dev believed that Supreme God Shri Krishna has appointed him as the judge and entrusted him with the task of punishing the sinners.

Being moved by the penance of Shani Dev, Lord Shri Krishna appeared in front of Shani Dev in the form of a cuckoo and said – O Shani Dev! Undoubtedly, you are devoted to your duty and because of you the suppression of sinners, oppressors, miscreants and indirectly, the welfare of the virtuous, gentlemen, true men, Bhagwat devotees is done, you are only for the righteous creatures. So by suppressing the miscreants, you also make them dutiful, like a father, your heart melts for all dutiful creatures and to protect them, like a vigilant and strong father, you always punish the wicked in their evil form. Huh.

Shri Krishna said – O Shani Dev! I want to reveal a secret to you, that this Brij-Kshetra is very dear to me and I want to always keep this holy land under the shadow of Shani Dev, a strong protector like you and capable of punishing sinners. O Shani Dev! Respecting this wish of mine, stay at this place forever. Because I have met you here in the form of a cuckoo, hence from today onwards this holy place will be known as “Kokilavan”. The melodious voice of the cuckoo will always reverberate here, may you be kind to every living being who comes to this Brij region of mine, as well as the one who comes to Kokilavan Dham will be eligible for my blessings along with you.

Importance of Kokilavan

Shani Dev remains humble on every creature that comes to Kokilavaan. Along with Lord Shani, the grace of Shri Krishna also remains on every devotee who comes to Kokilaban. And Shani Dhaiya, Sade Sati, Mahadasha and Antardasha have auspicious effect on the devotees. The Shani temple located at Kokilav Dham is the center of attraction here. Devotees circumambulate the path of Kokilavan.

According to the belief, when Shri Krishna had appeared to Shani Dev, he also blessed that this Kokilavan belongs to him. The one who worships Shani by circumambulating Kokilavan, he will also get the blessings of Shani along with Krishna.