Importance and benefits of Yamuna worship in Anant Chaturdashi fast

This fast is done to attain Gatvaibhav. In this article, we will get to know more details about this fast to be done by someone or after getting the thread of infinity. Bhadrapada Shukla Chaturdashi is the date on which Anant Chaturdashi fast is observed (this year it is on 19th September). That which never sets and never ends, that infinite and Chaturdashi means the power of Chaitanya.

This fast is mainly observed to regain the past glory.

The method of this fast is that the main deity of this fast is Anant i.e. Lord Vishnu and other deities are Shesha and Yamuna. The duration of this fast is fourteen years. On being told by someone or when the thread of infinity is easily found, this fast starts and then it continues in that clan. In the worship of Anant, red silk thread with fourteen knots is worshipped. After the puja a thread is tied in the right hand of the host. Due to the presence of full moon on Chaturdashi, she remains especially beneficial.

The importance of the day of Anant Vrat, as well as the reason for worshiping Darbha by worshiping Sheshnag in this fast – the day of fasting for Anant, that is, the day of working with the blessings of Shri Vishnu in the form of consciousness of the body, therefore This fast has gained importance. On this day in the universe, the waves of action power are working at this level of Shri Vishnu’s earth, you, effulgence. Since it is impossible for a common devotee to receive the high waves of Shri Vishnu, at least the junior nature of the waves should benefit the common man, so this fast has been told in Hinduism. Shesh Devta is considered to be the best carrier of the earth, you and the waves of light belonging to the Sri Vishnu element; Therefore, in this ritual, Shesha is given a prominent place. Since the waves of Kriya Shakti operating in the universe on this day are in the form of a spiral, it is possible to get these waves in the same form by worshiping the deity of Shesha.

If you want to know the function of Kriya Shakti related to human body, it is given below :-

  1. Kriya Shakti in the body, in the form of consciousness, as a living being, maintains the inertia of the gross body at the level of the earth.
  2. At the level of you element, it manages the shape of the gross body. At the level of Tej, the same power maintains the movement of consciousness.

Preference is given to the remaining deity in this ritual as it protects the consciousness of the human body in the form of those waves at the level of action.

Significance of 14 knots of thread in infinity
There are 14 major glands in the human body. As a symbol of these glands, the thread consists of 14 knots.

Each gland has a specific deity. These deities are invoked on these knots.

The knot of ropes symbolizes the flow of consciousness in the form of Kriya Shakti flowing from one gland to another in the body.

By symbolically worshiping a rope of 14 knots with the help of mantras and placing the element of Kriya Shakti in the thread/rope of Shri Vishnu, by tying a rope full of such Kriya Shakti, the body is completely loaded with energy.

It helps in accelerating the flow of consciousness and increasing the working power of the body.

According to the spirit of the organism, the duration of this work force to last is short or long. Then the following year the old ropes are immersed and new threads loaded with Kriya Shakti are tied.

In this way, by the grace of Lord Vishnu in the form of Kriya Shakti, the consciousness continues to work in life and along with being healthy, life becomes strong in every action and action.

Importance of Yamuna worship in Anant Vrat
In the Yamuna, Lord Krishna destroyed the demonic waves of Rajas and Tama at the level of Kriya Shakti like Kaliya. There is more evidence of Shri Krishna element in the water of Yamuna.

Importance and benefits of worshiping water in the form of Yamuna in Anant Vrat

  1. In this fast, the waves of Shri Krishna Tattva are awakened by invoking the water of Yamuna ji in the Kalash.
  2. By awakening these waves, after destroying the spiral-shaped Raja-Tama-active waves of the body in the form of Kaliya, after purifying the body at the level of your element, then the next method is started.
  3. Shesha form element is worshiped on this Kalash and Krishna Tattva, which is the form of Lord Vishnu, is kept awake.

Pumpkin puri and vada’s prasad in Anantapujan

Pumpkin puri and vada’s prasad in Anantapujan
In Pumpkin, you are the elemental raster, this action is going to give momentum to the power. Pumpkin also has the specialty that the subtle air cells attached to it condense the waves of energy in the universe by itself. In puris and vadas made with the help of pumpkin, the waves of Kriya Shakti working in the place of worship are bound in a short period of time, taking prasad loaded with such Kriya Shakti also helps in creating that kind of complementary atmosphere in the body. Therefore, in the worship of Anant, pumpkin puri and vada are offered to it.

complementary atmosphere in the body.