India will play an important role in the production of Corona vaccine Sputnik-V

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New Delhi: Millions of people waiting for the Corona vaccine worldwide are eagerly waiting for the Sputnik V vaccine of Russia. However, Phase III clinical trial of this vaccine is going to start this week. According to Russia’s Ministry of Health, the supply of the drug to Russian regions is expected soon. Russia seeks cooperation from India for its vaccine. India is also considering it as a profitable deal for itself. With the cooperation of India, Russia will be able to produce more of this vaccine.

According to the BBC, Dr VK Paul, head of the National Expert Group on Kovid-19 Vaccine in India and Member (Health) of the NITI Aayog, has said that India can produce a large amount of (Sputnik-V) vaccine that Russia can It will be a profitable deal for everyone, as well as a tremendous opportunity for India. With this, we will be able to provide this vaccine to the whole world as well.

He said that “Russia started talking to the Indian government through the third phase of the trial of Corona’s vaccine ‘Sputnik-5’ and the appropriate means for its production by Indian companies, and the good thing is that it will be negotiated between the two parties. Positive things are happening.

He told that “Indian scientists are studying the data of the first two trials of Sputnik-5, after which the third phase trial will be started on the basis of need.”

Russia has tried a ‘fast-track’ way to market Sputnik-V, under which the Putin administration has given some emergency approvals to the vaccine. However, according to a report published in the Lancet Health Journal, Sputnik-V results have been found to be good in fighting corona.

Russia wants this vaccine to be brought to the market by getting all the approvals as soon as possible, but still one of the biggest challenges facing Russia is the production of this vaccine and for this, the Government of Russia through the Government of India Seeks cooperation from Indian pharmaceutical companies.

According to Dr. Paul, “The Indian government has asked many Indian companies who are willing to produce this Russian vaccine?” Three Indian companies have so far appeared on this, who have expressed their wish. Many companies are studying the Russian government’s proposal and many are discussing it with their Russian counterparts.

The whole world is waiting for this vaccine
So far, over 27.5 million cases of corona infection have been reported in the world and around 9 lakh people have died due to corona. India has now come in second place in the world in terms of infection. Under these circumstances, it is clear that all eyes are on this vaccine, which many countries including India are trying to make.

In the midst of waiting for the vaccine, it has become abundantly clear that people will not get over the difficulties overnight just by becoming a vaccine, as it has to follow a long and complicated process of delivering it to the common people.

Under the Global Intellectual Property Right (Global Intellectual Property Rights), the company that makes the vaccine gets 14 years of design and 20 years of patent, but in the face of the outbreak of this unpredictable pandemic, governments are also adopting ‘compulsory licensing’ So that a third-party can make it.

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