Indian Crew of Ship Stuck in Suez Canal, Authority may take against the 25 crew members

The next major concern for India after the container ship ‘Big Ever Given’ is what action the Suez Canal Authority may take against 25 crew members. Both the Government of India and the Sailor Organization are concerned about the legal issues that the crew may face, including the possibility of criminal charges.

The report quoted sources as saying that they could be kept under house arrest until the investigation into the cause of the accident was completed. However, the ship management has not mentioned anything about the legal procedures the crew went through. “There is a clear danger that the crew will be made scapegoats,” a senior person associated with the shipping industry told the Times of India.

Captain Sanjay Prahar, a member of the National Shipping Board (NSB), said that “First of all, it has to be found out how the giant ship was engulfed. Checking and listening to the conversation in the data recorder of the voyage of the ship allows the facts to be checked and one can understand what the accident was. “

The container ship stuck in the Suez Canal for the past six days has now survived – thanks to a supermoon that brought high tide.

Satellite footage from the MarineTraffic website showed that the bow of the ship was sent from shore. The officers had brought two more powerful tugbets into the canal, bringing a total of 14 tugs working on the ship.

Authorities are investigating how the Ever Gives are formed in the canal. Initial reports blamed high winds and a sandstorm that affected visibility. However, over the weekend, Egyptian officials said that human error may have contributed to the ship moving around.

The unprecedented shutdown threatened to disrupt oil and gas shipments from the Middle East to Europe and sparked fears of extended delays, good shortages and rising costs for consumers.