Indian Railway: Railways will run trains without reservation, current tickets will be available

New Delhi: Good news for passengers traveling on Indian Railways. Railways have announced that it will run trains without reservation. All coaches in these trains will be general. Passengers will be able to travel immediately by taking tickets in them. This decision of the railway will benefit millions of passengers.

These trains will be completely different from local trains. In the first phase, the Mandal will run between one and the other stations. When this scheme is successful, it can be run for a limited distance from one division to another. These can be started at any time after the introduction of the corona vaccine. Its preparations have been started.

To enable these trains to run as soon as possible, the Indian Railways has also sought information from all the railway boards. According to sources, Indian Railways will run trains without reservation so that passengers traveling long distances can reach the last station soon. Let me tell you that now there are three to four general coaches in reserved trains and passengers have to make reservations in advance to travel in the Corona period. However, this was not the case before the Corona era.

A railway board official said that mail and express trains are reserved, but due to the general coaches in it, regional passengers also travel. Because of this, the train has to stop again and again on the way. This causes long-distance trains to become late and passengers traveling in them get upset.

According to the information, trains without a reservation can be run between Itarsi-Bina, Itarsi-Katni, Bina-Nagda, Bina-Guna, Itarsi-Bhopal, and Bhopal-Indore in the Bhopal division.

One of the places where passengers traveling in local will take less time due to the running of trains without reservation. At the same time, this decision will give the option of more trains to low-income passengers. Also, it will benefit the Railways and will also help in increasing the speed of long-distance trains.

Passengers of unreserved trains will be able to book online in addition to the respective railway station counters. The facility will be started with the operation of trains.