Indian Railways increased special trains, make online booking

New Delhi: Due to the lockdown due to Corona, many trains have been canceled. Due to this, passengers traveling by rail for long distances are facing a lot of trouble. But Indian Railways has announced to run some new special trains to alleviate the problems of the people. The booking process for these trains has started from April 29. If you are also planning to travel in these special trains then you can also book tickets.

Significantly, there is a demand for passengers for trains in North India. Given this, the Central Railway has given a lot of relief to the passengers by running additional trains this whole month. However, in view of the demand of passengers, railways have now increased the services of special trains. Booking for extended trips of fully reserved special trains leaving CSMT, LTT and Dadar on special charges has started on April 29 at all computerized reservation centers and website IRCTC on special charges.

Special trains
01441 Pune-Lucknow Special (Wednesday) extended till 6.5.2021 and 01442 Lucknow-Pune Special (Friday) extended till 7.5.2021
01119 Lokmanya Tilak Terminus – Lucknow Special extended till 6.5.2021
01120 Lucknow Special – Extended to Lokmanya Tilak Terminus
01445 Pune-Bhagalpur Special (Thursday) 6 Extended till 5.2021 and 01446 Bhagalpur – Pune Special (Saturday) extended till 8.5.2021
01203 Lokmanya Tilak Terminus – Bhagalpur Special (Friday) extended till 7.6.2021 and
01204 Bhagalpur – Lokmanya Tilak Terminus Special (Sunday) Extended till 9.5.2021
01453 Pune – Gorakhpur Special (Friday) extended till 7.5.2021 and 01454 Gorakhpur – Pune Special (Sunday) extended till 9.5.2021
01091 Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus – Danapur Special (twice a week) extended till 10.6.2021 and 01092 Danapur-CSMT Special extended till 11.6.2021
01153 CSMT-Danapur Special (twice a week) extended till 8.5.2021 and 01154 Danapur-CSMT Special (twice a week) extended till 9.5.2021
01101 Dadar – Manduwadih Special (Sunday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday) extended till 9.5.2021 and 01102 Manduwadih – Dadar Special (Tuesday, Friday, Saturday, Monday) extended till 11.5.2021
01163 Lokmanya Tilak Terminus – Danapur Special (twice a week) extended till 7.6.2021 and 01164 Danapur – LTT Special (twice a week) extended till 8.5.2021
04155 CSMT – Kanpur Special (twice a week) extended till 9.5.2021 and 04156 Kanpur – CSMT Special (twice a week) extended till 7.5.2021