Islamabad High Court restrains Imran Khan from sharing the contents of a secret letter

Another setback came for him late on Wednesday night amid discussions that Pakistan’s besieged Prime Minister Imran Khan’s future was hanging by a thread.

The Islamabad High Court in order has restrained the PM from disclosing the contents of a letter that he is branding as evidence of a “foreign conspiracy” to oust him.

This comes as a major setback for Imran Khan as he wanted to use the “evidence” to gather support for himself and gain public sympathy.

According to highly placed sources, the letter the PM was referring to was actually an internal communication.

Sources said it may have been written by the then US Ambassador to Pakistan in the Ministry of External Affairs.

The court said the prime minister should abide by the oath of the Official Secrets Act taken by him.

Khan suffered a setback on Wednesday when main coalition partner Muttahida Quami Movement Pakistan (MQM-P) struck a deal with the opposition Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) to support a no-confidence motion against the prime minister.

With this the Imran Khan government has lost its majority in the lower house of Pakistan’s parliament.

The no-confidence motion against the prime minister is expected on April 3. There is speculation that he may step down before that. A planned address to the nation by the PM was canceled on Wednesday evening.

Khan has been facing waves of protests from the opposition and sections of the public for months over inflation and rising economic debt. His relations with the country’s almighty army have also turned sour.