Joe Biden’s inflow to White House necessary to stop climate change

Perhaps for the first time in world history, American election results are so caught up with jokes that are being made. For example, someone said on social media that until the President is elected in America, then the Chief Minister of Bihar will be elected. The situation may seem ridiculous but it is not.

Its seriousness can be understood from the fact that this is the first time that a presidential candidate has got such a number of votes. Joe Biden also broke Barack Obama’s record in terms of the number of votes polled.

This unprecedented voting trend shows that the people there want change. Change is also important because this is probably in the interest of the earth. In the interest of the Earth, because the US has been formally pulled out of the Paris Agreement under Trump’s leadership. It simply means that America is not in the global fight against climate change. And without America’s active role, victory in the fight against climate change on earth is extremely difficult. So to say that the future of the Paris Climate Agreement rests on the new US President will not be wrong.

If Joe Biden, whose victory seems certain at the moment, if he finally reaches the White House, then America is sure to return to the Paris Agreement. And this will make it easier for the world to achieve the goals of the Paris Agreement.

On Wednesday, while the number of votes cast in the US presidential election was in full swing, at the same time, the process of separation from the Paris Agreement of America was also completed. This exercise was started by President Trump a year ago which finally came to an end on Wednesday. And if Trump becomes president again, all of us must meet the goals of the Paris Agreement without the US.

But with Biden in power, the entire game could change. Even without the full support of the US Congress, by becoming his President, he can rejoin the US in the Paris Agreement and at the same time unite other countries to strengthen climate ambitions. By changing Trump’s decisions, Biden can not only restore environmental regulations, but also strengthen them. Joe Biden may also curb fossil fuel consumption.

Talking about the American public, voters are giving priority to economic and health concerns due to Kovid-19 this year. And amid all this, the climate played an unprecedented role in deciding the state and direction of the 2020 US election. It was for the first time that the issue of climate became the issue of all general election debates there.

While 70 percent of American voters supported higher spending on clean energy, 72 percent were concerned about climate change, according to answers received in an exit poll asked by Fox News.

Speaking of experts, according to them, the presence of America is very important in the Paris Agreement. The reason is that America is not only the world’s largest polluter, it is also alone responsible for 15 percent of total greenhouse gases emissions. If the US did not reduce its emissions, it would not be possible for the world to limit the temperature rise to one and a half degrees by the end of the century, according to the Paris Agreement. Barack Obama announced a 28 percent reduction in emissions by 2025 during his presidency. But Trump’s withdrawal from the Paris Agreement caused all of that.

And most of the 189 countries that signed the Paris Agreement are poor and developing and have neither the money nor the technology to fight climate threats. If the US rejoins the pact, the Green Fund may receive a large amount for this fight against climate change. Currently, more than ten billion dollars are not reaching this fund.

At the moment, everything will depend on the election results.

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