Kamakhya Shakti Peeth: Tantric, Mahakumbh Kamakhya Shakti Peeth for the realization of hidden powers

Kamakhya Shakti Peeth is considered to be the best among the ancient 51 Shaktipeeths of Hindus. Kamakhya Shakti Peeth is situated at a place called Kamakhya in Nilanchal mountain of Kamagiri region of Guwahati district of Assam state of India. There is a famous legend about Mata Kamakhya Shaktipeeth.

Shaktipeeth establishment story

Sati Swarup Mahadevi Sati’s father Daksha did not invite Lord Shiva in one of his important yagya work. Mother Sati reached to participate in this yagya even after not being invited by the father in the yagya event. On this, King Daksha insulted Goddess Sati and her husband Lord Kailash Nath a lot.

Mother could not bear the humiliation of her husband. She jumped into the burning fire of the yajna to punish herself for the act done by her father. When Lord Shankar heard this about his beloved Sati, he became very angry and took the mother’s body out of the fire pit on his shoulders and started wandering here and there on the earth.

Shaktipeeths have been built at the places where the body parts of the wandering mother fell. In the Kamakhya Shaktipeeth, the vaginal part of the mother’s body had fallen, so the mother’s vagina is worshiped on this Shaktipeeth. For this reason, it is forbidden to take photographs of the inside of this temple.

Apart from this, Ambubachi Yoga is formed once in a year. During this period the land is in a menstruating state. During those three days, the doors of the temple themselves are closed. The doors of the temple open on the fourth day. After this, the worship and darshan of the mother can be done only after special worship.

The three days in which the doors of the Kamakhya temple remain closed. Those three days are not less than any great festival for the knowers of divine powers and mantra-powers. This place is also called Kaumari Tirth of the world. During these three days, tantra seekers from all over the world and India come here and try to attain the highest level of spiritual practice. Located in the mountainous region of Guwahati, this form of Goddess is called Kamakhya and Bhairav ​​is called Umananda.

Glory of Kamakhya Temple

The place where Kamakhya Shaktipeeth is situated is also called Kamrup. Among the 51 peeths, Kamakhya Peeth is also addressed by the name of Mahapeeth. There is a cave in this temple. The road to reach this cave is very rocky. Which is called Narakasura path. A giant idol of the goddess is situated in the central part of the temple. A pool is situated here. Which is called Saubhagya Kund.

Regarding Kamakhya Devi Shakti Peeth, it is believed that just by offering red chunari or clothes to the goddess here, all the wishes are fulfilled.

Mahakumbh of Tantric and hidden powers

Kamakhya Shaktipeeth is the place of Goddess as well as the Maha Kumbh for attaining the Siddhis of Tantra-Mantra. During the days of the goddess’s menstruation, there is a large gathering of high-ranking tantriks-mantriks, aghoris. After three days, special worship and sadhna of Mother Bhagwati is done at the end of her menstruation.

The arrival of monks and ascetics in this Mahakumbh starts only a week before the Ambuvachi period. Hatha Yogis, Aghori Baba and especially Naga Baba reach this Kumbh. For Sadhna Siddhis, this sadhu, tantrik is doing sadhna by standing in water, sitting in water and some one is doing sadhna by standing on one leg.

“Kamakhye Varde Devi Nilaparvatvasini
Tvam devi jagatan mataryonimudre namostu te”

“कामाख्ये वरदे देवि नीलपर्वतवासिनि
त्वं देवि जगतां मातर्योनिमुद्रे नमोऽस्तु ते”