Karwa Chauth: Here’s Why is it considered a symbol of love life – ‘Karva Chauth’

Karwa Chauth isa festival celebrated by Hindu women from the Indian Subcontinent on the fourth day after Purnima (a full moon) in the month of Kartika. On KarvaChauthwomen, especially in Northern India, who are married fast from sunrise to moonrise for the safety and longevity of their husbands. The KarvaChauthfastistraditionally celebrated in the states of Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh, Haryana, Punjab, Delhi and as Atla Tadde in Andhra Pradesh.

Women initiate by observing the fast. Diksha gives her skill, dexterity. With the attainment of efficiency, the sense of faith is awakened and only by faith does one attain the true form of Brahma.

Goal of indian culture
It is the goal of Indian culture that every moment of life should be filled with joy and gaiety of fasts, festivals and festivals. In these are hidden the seeds of the ideology of our culture. If the entire personality of an Indian woman is to be measured in just two words, then these words would be – Tapasya and Karuna. We bow with gratitude at the feet of those great sages and sages that, by telling us the importance of fasts, festivals and festivals, they showed us the accessibility of the path of salvation. For Hindu women, the fast of ‘Karva Chauth’ is considered to give an unbroken love life.

Vraten dikshamaapnoti dikshayapnoti dakshinam
Dakshina Shraddhamapnoti Shraddhaya Satyamapyate

This year Karva Chauth is on 24th October

This fast is done for the long life and good health of the husband
Married women end the fast by offering Arghya to Lord Moon, wishing their husbands long life and good health. Women have so much reverence for this day that they start preparing for this fast many days in advance. This fast is done on Chandrodaya Vyapini Chaturthi of Kartik Krishna. Karak Chaturthi is also known as ‘Karva Chauth’.

Symbol of sacred bond of Hindu culture
In fact, the fast of Karva Chauth is a symbol of the sacred bond of Hindu culture, which is between husband and wife. In Hindu culture, the husband is referred to as the Supreme God. Karva Chauth brings a new courtship for both husband and wife and the consciousness of immense love, sacrifice, and sacrifice for each other. On this day, women, wearing the form of a complete honeymoon, wearing clothes and ornaments, pray to Lord Rajni Nath for their unbroken marriage. Women make a vow after a day-long fast in front of God by adorning them with suhaag signs, that they will have a feeling of complete devotion to their husband by mind, word and deed.

Shiva-Parvati and Kartikeya are also worshiped on this day
Not only is Rajninath worshiped on the fourth day of Krishna Paksha of Kartik month; But Shiva-Parvati and Swami Kartikeya are also worshipped. The law of worship of Shiva-Parvati is done for the purpose that just as Shailputri Parvati, by doing severe penance, attained Lord Shiva and attained unbroken good fortune, so should she get the same. Anyway, Gauri-worship has a special significance for virgins and married women.