Know the benefits of blowing conch and why it is considered very sacred in Sanatan Dharma

Conch is considered very sacred in Sanatan Dharma. It represents purity, good fortune and divinity and is much more than just a seashell. The conch is used in many Hindu rituals, ceremonies and prayers, making it an essential component of the religious fabric of the religion and society.

Know benefits of blowing shankha

  1. When the shankha is deliberately blown with the breath the ancient sound of “Om” is produced. This eternal sound is the source of all the Vedas. As a result, the surroundings become protected by Chaitanya, or divine consciousness.
  2. The act of blowing the shankha attracts active energy from the universe to the place of worship, which is beneficial for the person blowing the shankha and all those who hear it.
  3. A person’s spiritual practice can flourish in the sacred and pure environment created by blowing the conch.
  4. Blowing the conch does not bring negative thoughts to the mind.
  5. Blowing the conch increases positive vibrations like courage, determination, optimism and willpower.
  6. By blowing the conch, the disturbing Rajas and Tamas waves are eliminated, due to which only the pure, sacred Sattva waves already present in the atmosphere can enter. The Sushumna Nadi of the blower is switched on, preserving the ideal ratio of Agni and Vayu components.
  7. Modern science claims that blowing the conch daily opens heart blockages. It also strengthens the respiratory system and other throat problems as it is an exercise for healthy lungs.