Know the glory of Kartik Maas, what to do and not to do

The holy month of Karthik has started. This month has an important and auspicious significance in Hindu culture. The month of Karthik, which started from 1 November, will run till 30 November. In this month, devotees not only worship Lord Vishnu, but they also worship Goddess Lakshmi. Devotees keep fast in this month. However, it is necessary to follow certain rules in this month. It is said that if a person follows the rules properly in this month, they get satisfaction and they get promotion. Karthik month is the last month of Chatur month.

It is said that in this month, Shrihari resides only in water. Bathing is an important ritual in the three rituals of water. The sage Pulastya has also said that without bathing neither the body is clean nor the intellect. In the scriptures, the principle behind bathing in Magh, Vaishakh and Kartik is given, the purpose behind it is purity of body. Bathing in natural water sources like holy river, sea, lake, well and stepwell is considered very holy. Let us know what to do and what not to do in this month: –

Devotees should follow these rules

  1. Tulsi plant should be worshiped in this month, it is said that it doubles the importance of worship.
  2. The person should sleep on the floor in this month as it gives peaceful and sacred thoughts.
  3. In this month, devotees should follow celibacy.
  4. Devotees should donate ‘Diya’, it is known as deep charity and it brings merit and it gives a rich life to a person.

What’s not to do!

  1. Consumption of garlic, onion and carnivore is prohibited in this month, especially devotees should avoid non-vegetarian food in this month, as it leads to the life of demons.
  2. Devotees should avoid drinking cold water, as it often causes cough and cold and is not good for health.

In this month Lord Vishnu goes to sleep. This month is a symbol of happiness and kindness on earth. It is also said that Maa Lakshmi comes to earth in this month. Goddess Lakshmi offers blessings of wealth to the devotees. And thus the worship of Goddess Lakshmi is important in this month.

In the Mahabharata, Maharishi Ved Vyas has clearly written from the first worshiped Ganesha that Krishna used to go out by taking bath, meditation and charity etc. when the first rays of sunrise fell on the earth. According to the Madanparijat, stay jitendriya in Kartik month and take regular bath. In the presence of moon and stars, one should bathe before sunrise to attain virtue. Eat barley, wheat, mung, milk-curd and ghee etc., all sins are destroyed by this. For bathing, pilgrimage Prayag, Ayodhya, Kurukshetra and Kashi are considered superior. Apart from these, bathing is also auspicious on all holy rivers and pilgrimage centers. If you cannot bathe in the river, then bathing with water filled with copper or earthenware kept on the roof overnight is also auspicious.

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