Let’s make Jammu Kashmir a paradise on earth: President

New Delhi: President Ram Nath Kovind while addressing a conference on the implementation of National Education Policy in Jammu and Kashmir said that his dream is to see Jammu and Kashmir emerging as a center of knowledge, innovation, skill development and entrepreneurship. Today (on September 20, 2020) a conference in Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir was addressed by the President through a video conference message in which the Lieutenant Governor of Jammu Kashmir, Vice Chancellors of Universities, Principals of Colleges and others were also present.

Praising the educational environment of the region, the President said that there is a need to make Jammu and Kashmir, the paradise on earth, a center of knowledge and innovation through the implementation of the National Education Policy. Referring to the popular couplet on Jammu and Kashmir, where the Middle East called Jammu and Kashmir a paradise on earth, the President said that efforts should be made to make Jammu and Kashmir a heaven of the earth and a crown jewel of Mother India. is required.

Referring to the rich tradition of Jammu and Kashmir in the field of education, the President said that Jammu and Kashmir has been the center of literature and learning for centuries. Referring to quotations from Kalhana’s Rajatarangini and the Mahayana branch of Buddhism, the President said that whenever the cultural aspect of India’s history is mentioned, it will remain incomplete without them.

Referring to the importance of national education policy, the President said that the diversity of India’s population is unique, but it will be truly meaningful only when a large young section of the population is skilled, professionally competent and most importantly true In that sense it would be educational. Expressing confidence in the children of Jammu and Kashmir, the President said that Jammu and Kashmir is a stronghold of meritorious, skilled and innovative children. He said that after the implementation of the National Education Policy, students with energy-rich minds will be created in the state.

Emphasizing value based education, President Kovind said that it is important to understand that we can preserve our rich cultural heritage only when the tradition of education is in our own mother tongue. He said that mother tongue has been encouraged in the new education policy for this purpose. He said that under this policy the trilingual principles have been adjusted in it, it will encourage multilingualism as well as help in national unity and integrity through language. At the same time, it is important to understand that under this policy, language will not be imposed on any state or union territory.

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