Life is priceless, learn the art of living from Vedas and Shastras!

God has given life to live, but everyone has doubts on how to live it. How we live life in our own way has been taught in the Vedas. There are precious words in it, take them out in your life. This life which makes us lonely and troubled today will start feeling good.

To live, it is necessary to consult an experienced person of the scriptures, who struggled and carried on his life. If you have to look at his biography, then there is great joy. Swami Ansh Chetan ji Maharaj tells that I have read the complete biography of Swami Vivekananda ji and I saw how he took art and religion to Parliament to illuminate the name of India. He was such a great personality, from whose life we ​​learn to live.

The art of living
Living life is an art, life is a struggle, life is priceless, don’t know which sentences overwhelm life. I do not believe that all these things are wrong. I look at life from my point of view. The essence of life is explained in Shrimad Bhagwat Geeta in which not only does it preach Dharma, but it also teaches the art of living. The dialogues of Arjuna and Shri Krishna before the war of Mahabharata are a source of inspiration for the people. By following the teachings of Gita, not only we can do welfare of ourselves but also the society.

Similarly, in order to fight the difficulties arising in the present life, one should behave like the knowledge given in the Gita. This will lead him to progress. It is written in the Gita that anger creates confusion, confusion disturbs the intellect. When the intellect is disturbed, then logic is destroyed. When arguments are destroyed, the downfall of a person begins. A wise person sees knowledge and action as one, his point of view is correct. With this he can get the desired result. It is very important to control the mind. Those who are unable to control the mind, their mind acts as an enemy for them.

One should introspect with the sword of self-knowledge, a person can cut the ignorance within himself. Which leads to excellence. The way a man thinks, so he behaves. By awakening the faith within oneself, a person can bring about a change in thinking. Which will be beneficial for him. While explaining life in the book, Shri Krishna Bhagwan has said that the kind of action a man does, he gets the fruits according to it. Therefore, good deeds should be given importance. The mind is fickle, it wanders here and there. But a disturbed mind can be controlled with practice.

Man can achieve whatever he wants, if he constantly contemplates on the desired thing with faith, then he gets success. Man gets stressed by doing work contrary to nature. This tension causes the destruction of man. It is possible to get rid of stress only through Dharma and Karma. It is said that a wise man sees passivity in action.

This is the way to do the job well. Because only on seeing it, the activity increases further. The human life is considered to be the most beautiful creation of God. This is a matter of good fortune for all of us. Therefore, this important time of living life should be spent well and one should follow the path of dharma-karma. Do not hurt anyone’s heart, serve the poor, serve your parents, this is the true essence of life.