Lord Parshuram Mahadev’s cave temple is full of many secrets

Parshuram Mahadev Temple, located at the foothills of the Aravalli hills of Rajasthan, is counted among the main pilgrimage places of Hindus. According to mythological beliefs, this temple was built by Parshuram by cutting a huge rock with his ax.

It is believed that this is the place where Parashurama invoked Lord Shiva for his severe penance. Today this place is known as a major Shivdham, to which Parshuram’s name is also associated. One has to climb 500 steps to reach this cave temple. The height of this temple is about 3600 feet above sea level. It is said that this cave has been made by cutting a single rock. The upper part of the cave looks like the udder of a cow. Bholenath is sitting in the form of Shivling inside this cave temple. Above the Shivling is the Gomukh, from where the water anointing of the Shivling takes place naturally.

There is also a garden of Parshuram in the Saadi area here. A few kilometers away from the temple is a place named Matrikundiya. It is believed that Parshuram was freed from the sin of matricide here.

According to mythological beliefs, Parshuram had obtained divine weapons by doing severe penance to Lord Shiva. Here the image of a demon is also inscribed on the wall of the cave. It is believed that this demon was killed by Lord Parshuram with his ax. Devotees come here to visit Shivling through the hilly inaccessible roads. It is believed that the wishes asked with a true heart definitely come true here.

Many religious beliefs are associated with this cave temple. According to one, only the person who has visited Parshuram Mahadev temple can open the doors of Lord Badrinath. According to another belief, there is a hole in the Shivling present here, in which even if thousands of pitchers of water are poured, that hole does not fill. While milk doesn’t go inside that hole when milk is anointed. According to mythology, this is the same place where Parshuram taught Karna weapons.