Madhuri Dixit’s son Arin returns to India for a holiday, Sriram Nene shares a glimpse

Sriram Nene shares a glimpse

Madhuri Dixit and Sriram Nene are beaming with joy as son Arin, who is studying at the University of Southern California, returns home on Saturday to spend the holidays with his family. Dr Nene treated fans with a glimpse on his Instagram handle. Sharing a picture of the family reunion, she wrote, “Arin is back for the holidays! And we all couldn’t be happier!!

saturdayfun #saturday FamilyOvereverying.” Me

The couple’s son Arin had moved to the US earlier this year for his higher education. In a video on her YouTube channel, Madhuri had confessed how ‘worried’ she was for her son. “I can’t believe how the years have gone by, he’s already 18. He’ll be at a university on his own and I’m worried about what every mother would worry about as an independent How is life going to live. Because in India when we are growing up we are so safe – we live with our parents, everything is done for the child. Be it cooking or washing, Everything is taken care of. Now, he will be on his own and that worries me a lot,” she had said.

When Arin joined the university, proud father Dr Nene shared a picture with Madhuri and their sons from the university campus and wrote, “So excited to start Arin College. Many thanks to all the teachers before and now Give, who have been great mentors and teachers. Proud to be the father of a Trojan! Look forward to his lifelong learning.

StrightFromTheHeart #FamilyIsEverything.”