Maharashtra IT Raid: 58 crore cash, 32 kg gold and 390 crore benami assets seized

New Delhi: In Jalna district of Maharashtra, the Income Tax Department has raided the houses of steel, textile traders and real estate developers. In which the Income Tax Department has got a large amount of cash, jewellery. The Income Tax Department has seized assets worth about 390 crores, which includes 58 crores of cash, 32 kg of gold, diamonds and pearls and many property papers. The names of the companies in which the raids have taken place are Peety Steels Pvt. Ltd. and Kalika Steel Alloys Pvt. Ltd are being told.

It took the department 13 hours to count the cash found in the raid. According to the information, this action has taken place between August 1 and 8. The Nashik branch of the Income Tax Department carried out this action. More than 260 officers and employees from across the state were involved in the proceedings.

More than 120 vehicles were used during this entire raid. All the officers of Income Tax Department were divided into 5 teams. The cash found was taken to the local State Bank of Jalna and counted. Cash counting started at 11 am and went on till 1 pm.

The Income Tax Department had received information that there was irregularity in the behavior of four steel companies of Jalna, after which the department came into action. The department raided the house and the factory.

According to IT officials, this raid was going on in a secret manner for the last four-five days. The names of the two steel companies in which the raids have taken place are being told as Kalika Steel and Sai Ram Steel. The Income Tax Department also took the help of the local police in this operation.

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