Malaysia seized Pak plane, disarmed crew members and passengers

New Delhi: Pakistan’s treasury is empty and it is completely bankrupt. In such a situation Pakistan always has to depend on other countries. But his friends are also leaving him in this hour of trouble.

In a recent incident, Malaysia has seized a Boeing 777 passenger plane of Pakistan International Airlines. Let us know that this aircraft was taken on lease by Pakistan and Malaysia has seized this plane for not paying the money. The passengers boarding the aircraft have also been taken off the aircraft and any alternative arrangements are being made for them.

A PIA official said the case involved a $ 14 million lease dispute.

At the time of this incident at the Kuala Lumpur Airport, the aircraft was carrying passengers and crew, but they were disengaged. In a tweet, Pakistan International Airlines issued a statement saying that the PIA that an airline has been recalled by a local court in Malaysia. This is a one-sided decision. The dispute between the PIA and the other party is pending in a London court.

According to Pakistani newspaper ‘Dawn’, these aircraft have been taken on dry lease from different companies from time to time. The aircraft which Malaysia has seized was also on lease but the aircraft has been seized in Kuala Lumpur due to non-payment of money under the terms of the lease. Significantly, before this, Saudi Arabia, which was once very close to Pakistan, had withdrawn its three billion dollars. The government of Imran had repaid the loan of Saudi Arabia by taking loans from China.

The per capita debt in Pakistan increased by 28 percent to Rs one lakh 53 thousand 689 at the end of the last financial year. That is, a person born in Pakistan is born with a loan of one lakh 53 thousand 689 rupees. Giving this information to the National Assembly, the Finance Ministry said that all budget strategy targets have been missed, due to which the public debt has increased rapidly. In its annual fiscal policy 2019-20, the Finance Ministry stated that its current expenditure was at a 19-year high in 2018-19.

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