Many people across the worldwide unhappy with China: Pew Research

New Delhi: A large number of people across the world are unhappy with China’s destructive policies and unfair global attitude affecting the world, a media report said on Sunday.

Beijing’s handling of the pandemic, human rights violations and persecution of neighboring countries over baseless border claims have fueled hatred against the communist regime among people around the world.

The Pew Research Center’s June Survey of China (PRC Survey) found that among the 14 advanced economies in Europe, Asia-Pacific, Canada and the Americas, surveyed in 2020 and New Zealand, Singapore and Taiwan surveyed in spring 2021 to be done. The Times of Israel reported that citizens had openly expressed unfavorable views about China.

The Trump administration has drawn China into the spotlight after then Secretary of State Mike Pompeo imposed severe sanctions on Beijing over its repressive policies.

Not a one-sided sentiment, poll records show that such adverse reactions to China have increased steadily over the past decade. Australia has seen an increase of 24 percentage points from the previous year, with 81% negative outlook, while in the UK, around 75% of survey respondents view negative views by around 19 points.