Ministry of AYUSH answers the frequently asked questions about ‘AYUSH-64’

New Delhi: AYUSH-64 medicine made by combining several herbs has been said by experts to be a ray of hope in the time of this epidemic. This drug was originally developed in 1980 for the treatment of malaria. Now it is also found suitable for the treatment of Covid 19. The Central Council for Research in Ayurvedic Sciences (CCRAS) is a premier research institute in Ayurveda under the Ministry of AYUSH. It has recently conducted extensive and intensive testing of this drug in collaboration with the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR). In this, cooperation of other research organizations and medical colleges of the country was also taken. In the clinical trial of Ayush 64 conducted by eminent scientists of the country, it was found that this drug has the properties to fight against the virus, increase the body’s resistance and bring down the fever. It was also found to be effective in treating non-symptomatic, mild and less severe Covid 19 infections. As a result, this drug is considered suitable for the treatment of Covid 19.

The results of the clinical trials were announced by the Ministry of AYUSH at a press conference on 29 April 2021. After that, the interest of AYUSH-64 has increased among the general public and people associated with medical work. Many inquiries have been received on this subject. The Ministry has now issued answers in the form of frequently asked questions, which are given below:

What is AYUSH?
Ayush is an Ayurvedic recipe developed by the Central Council for Research in Ayurvedic Sciences, the premier body of Ayurveda research under the Ministry of AYUSH. It was originally developed for the treatment of malaria in 1980. Now this medicine has also been considered useful for the treatment of Covid 19, as it has the properties of fighting the virus, increasing the body’s resistance, and removing the fever. A scientific study of AYUSH 64 has found that out of its 36 components, 35 components are those which can compete against the virus of Covid 19 in unison. There are also components in this recipe, which can also fight diseases like the flu. There have been 64 clinical trials across the country. The evidence obtained from these tests proves that this drug is very effective in the treatment of symptomatic, mild, and less severe Covid 19 and the patient can recover quickly.

Who can take AYUSH-64?
Any level of Covid 19 patient can take it. However, scientific tests have shown that this drug is more effective in symptomatic, mild and less severe malams. There is no risk of converse results. Apart from this, patients who do not need emergency medical help or hospital can take AYUSH-64. Patients with mild and less severe symptoms of Covid 10 who initially have fever, body aches, nasal congestion, feeling unwell, runny nose, headache, cough, etc. can take the medicine. Also, patients who have no symptoms can take AYUSH-64 medicine within seven days of RT-PCR examination. This will give better results.

Why should I take Ayush-64?
In view of the diagnosis and severity of the disease, AYUSH-64 has been found very effective in recovering from the disease. This can help in curing the disease quickly. This medicine is also useful for general health, fatigue, anxiety, stress, loss of appetite, health and sleep.

Is its usefulness scientifically certified with reference to Covid 19?
Ayush-64 is a medicine made by combining many herbs. It is produced under every medical intervention. Due to the medical standards set by the Central Council for Research in Ayurvedic Sciences, AYUSH research under the Ministry of AYUSH, its quality and medicinal properties have been taken care of. It has been scientifically proven that it is effective in treating non-symptomatic, mild and less severe Covid 19 infections. Intensive clinical trials have been conducted on this drug in the country, in which it has been found useful.

What is the ideal dose of Covid 19 for patients?
In cases of symptomatic Covid 19, two tablets of 500 mg are to be taken twice an hour after eating food under its dose. Take the medicine with hot water. Have to take pills for fourteen days. In mild and less severe cases, two tablets of 500mg are to be taken thrice a day under the dosage. The tablets are to be taken after one hour of eating food with warm water.

What are the side-effects of Ayush-64?
Some patients may have dysentery, which will be cured on their own. There is no need to eat any medicine for that.

Can AYUSH-64 also be taken as a fever alleviation drug?
It can be taken as a fever medicine. For this, two tablets of 500 mg are to be taken twice a day. But its effect was not tested in clinical trials as a fever medicine. If the patient has Covid 19, it can be given as soon as symptoms are seen. In such cases, RT-PCR or rapid antigen examination of the person is necessary. The patient should be under medical supervision.

Will only AYUSH-64 work in mild symptoms?
AYUSH-64 can be taken alone for the treatment of mild symptoms like Covid 19 under the supervision of Ayurvedic medicine, provided further appropriate treatment is available. However, it is advisable to take AYUSH-64 under medical supervision in mild and less severe cases when the patient is in home isolation. AYUSH-64 should be taken only on the advice of AYUSH doctor.

For how many days should AYUSH-64 be taken?
Ayush-64 can be taken for at least 14 days. However, if needed, it can be taken for up to 12 weeks on the advice of a qualified AYUSH physician. It has been scientifically certified in clinical trials that it is safe to take it for 12 weeks.

How to take AYUSH-64?
You can take it with hot water. It would be good if the food is taken after one hour of eating.

Can Covid 19 patients who have other diseases also take AYUSH-64?
Patients who have other diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes etc. can also take AYUSH-64 in symptomatic, mild and less severe cases of Covid. They are advised not to discontinue the medicine for these diseases.

Is it safe to take AYUSH-64 after vaccination?
Yes If a person becomes infected even after getting vaccinated, then he can take AYUSH-64 with the advice of AYUSH doctor if he is RT-PCR positive. However, no evidence in this subject has been found in scientific studies.

Is it safe for pregnant and lactating mothers?
No such evidence has been found in scientific studies that AYUSH-64 is safe for pregnant and lactating mothers.

Is AYUSH-64 available in the market?
It is available in the market and can be purchased from an Ayurvedic pharmacy. However, it should be ensured that it is not sold without a prescription and it should be used only under the supervision of an Ayurvedic doctor.