‘Muslim Girls Won’t be Restricted Anymore’: Arif Mohammad Khan

New Delhi: Kerala Governor Arif Mohammad Khan on Tuesday welcomed the Karnataka High Court’s decision on the hijab case, which dismissed all petitions seeking permission to wear hijab in classrooms.

Appreciating the HC’s order, Khan said, “I am very happy and I welcome this decision as young Muslim girls who are very capable and talented like their other Indian sisters will no longer be banned by the people.” “

Jinnah, Khan said, “Given the lives lost in our country due to hatred and Partition, this cannot be ignored. He never fought for human rights.”

He stressed that Muslim girls cannot be denied to contribute to the future of the country. “The future of young Muslim girls is at stake. These young girls are talented and capable. I agree it’s a big conspiracy, it was so obvious from the start.

“As a principle, the Human Rights Commission needs to be empowered beyond just the Minority Rights Commission,” Khan said.

The Karnataka High Court on Tuesday dismissed petitions filed by a section of Muslim students of the Government Pre-University Girls’ College in Udupi, seeking permission to wear the hijab inside the classroom, holding that headscarfs are essential in the Islamic religion. Not part of religious practice. ,

A three-judge bench headed by Chief Justice Ritu Raj Awasthi observed that the fixation of school uniform is only a reasonable restriction, constitutionally permissible, to which students cannot object.

Karnataka Primary and Secondary Education Minister B C Nagesh welcomed the order and called it “historic”. Chief Justice Awasthi, who presided over the full bench of the High Court, read out part of the order saying, “We are of the view that the wearing of hijab by Muslim women is not a part of the religious practice required in the Islamic faith.” The other two judges on the panel were Justice Krishna S Dixit and Justice JM Khaji.

(with agency input)