Mysterious metal monolith seen in America and disappeared in Romania

Metal Monolith, which was visible among the deserts of America, has now appeared in Romania after disappearing four days. In Romania, this metal monolith is a joke of a local person or an alien activity. This mysterious metal monolith was being discussed worldwide. (Photo: AP)

This metal monolith has been seen outside the Dacian fort in Neamt County, located in the mountainous region of Romania. A similar metal pole appeared two weeks ago in the Utah desert of America. But it has disappeared four days ago. This matches Hollywood producer Stanley Cubrix’s 1968 film 2001: A Space Odyssey. The film was based on Arthur C. Clarke’s novel. (Photo: Reuters)

In the film Cubrics, the alien monolith tells the story of the development of humans. The alien structure depicted in the film was more beautiful than the metal monolith seen in Romania and America. (Photo: AP)

Romanian journalist Ziar Piatra told the news agency Reuters that the metal monolith disappeared after a week in Romania. Nobody knows where the 9 feet high metal monolith went. According to local media, a local welder had made it and erected it in a rocky place. Romania’s metal monolith was poorly welded. (Photo: AP)

Pyatra Neem Police spokeswoman Georgina Mosu said that investigations have revealed that an illegal structure was erected on 27 November. It is a protected archaeological area. Now the police team is investigating the matter of who created such a structure here. (Photo: AP)