Narad was the first messenger of the universe and knows the story of becoming a god by birth

According to Hindu beliefs, Narad Muni was born from the lap of Brahma, the creator of the universe. The birth anniversary of Narada Muni, the sage of the gods, is celebrated every year on Krishna paksha Dwitiya of Jyeshtha month. He is also known as Manas Putra of Brahmadev. It is said that after a hard penance, Narada attained the rank of Brahmarshi.

Narada was very knowledgeable and that is why he was respected and respected by all the demons or gods and goddesses. Devarshi Narad is considered to be the guru of Maharishi Vyas, Maharishi Valmiki and the great scholar Shukdev. It is said that Lord Rama had to suffer separation from Goddess Sita due to the curse of Narada Muni.

Narada Muni is one of the seven Manas sons of Brahma. He attained the position of Brahmarshi by hard penance. He is considered one of the exclusive devotees of Lord Vishnu. This year Narada Jayanti will be celebrated on 17th May (Tuesday).

Narad Muni is often referred to as doing here and there. Narada Muni was the only one who could go anywhere at any moment to the gods and goddesses, sages, demons, demons, heaven, hell, earth, sky. He never needed to take orders from anyone. He was celibate and knowledgeable, he has blessed by giving the knowledge of many sages.

Remained a bachelor for life due to his father’s curse

Narada is also very dear to Shri Hari Vishnu. Narad always praises Vishnu ji with the melodious tone of his Veena. He always moves around with his mouth chanting Narayan-Narayan. Not only this, it is believed that Narada also helps the devotees of his adorable Vishnu. It is believed that Narada inspired devotees like Bhakta Prahlad, Bhakta Ambareesh and Dhruva in the path of devotion by giving sermons. But due to the curse of his own father, he remained a bachelor for life.

According to the scriptures, Brahmaji asked Narada to participate in the works of creation and get married, but he refused to obey his father’s orders. Then in anger, Bahraji cursed Devarshi Narad to remain unmarried for life. It is also written in the Puranas that King Prajapati Daksha had cursed Narada that he would not be able to stay anywhere for more than two moments. This is the reason why Narada used to travel frequently.

It is said that 10 thousand sons were born to King Daksha’s wife, Asaki. But none of them took over the throne of Daksha, because Narad ji had taught everyone to walk on the path of salvation. Later Daksha married Panchjani and had a thousand sons. Narad ji also taught these sons of Daksha to walk on the path of salvation by staying away from all kinds of illusions. Enraged by this, Daksha cursed Narada that he would always wander here and there and would not be able to stay in one place for long.

Birth story

Narada Muni was a Gandharva before being the son of Brahma. According to mythology, Narada was a Gandharva named ‘Upbarhan’ in his previous birth. He was very proud of his appearance. Once in heaven Apsaras and Gandharvas were worshiping Brahma ji with song and dance, then Upabarhan came there with women and engaged in Raslila. Seeing this, Brahma ji became very angry and cursed Gandharva that he would take birth in a Shudra vagina.

Later Gandharva was born as the son of a Shudra maidservant. Both mother and son used to serve the sages and saints with a sincere heart. Narad Muni used to eat the leftover food of saints as a child, due to which all the sins of his heart were destroyed. His mother died at the age of five. Now he is all alone. After the death of his mother, Narada resolved to devote his entire life to the devotion of God.

It is said that one day he was sitting in meditation under a tree when suddenly he got a glimpse of God which immediately disappeared. After this incident, the desire to know God and see Him became stronger in his mind. Then suddenly there was an Akashvani that in this life he would not see God, but in the next life he would be able to get him back as his councilor. When the time came, this child (Narad Muni) incarnated in the form of Manas Putra of Brahmadev who became famous all around by the name of Narada Muni.

Devarshi Narad is considered a great scholar of many scriptures like Shruti Smriti, History, Puranas, Grammar, Vedanga, Music, Astro-geography, Astrology, and Yoga. The essence of all the teachings of Goddess Narada is – Sarvada Sarvabhaven Nischintitai: Bhagwanev Bhajaniyah. That is, one should always meditate on God only by being fixed with all the spirit.

Worship method

Narad Muni considered Lord Vishnu as his adoration. They worshiped Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi on the day of Narada Jayanti. After this also worship Narada Muni. Read Gita and Durga Saptshati. On this day, present the flute to Lord Krishna in the temple of Lord Vishnu. Donate food and clothes. On this day many devotees also offer cold water to the people.

Rishi Narad is a pioneer of journalism and mass correspondent. Hence the day is also called ‘Journalist’s Day’ and is celebrated as such all over the country. He is considered to be the inventor of the musical instrument Veena.

Srishti’s first correspondent

Narada Muni is known as a communicator. Communication is very essential for life. It is only through communication that a person can connect with another person. If there is no communication in life, then life will become void. There are many means of communication available to man today. Today, through radio, television, newspapers, and the Internet, the news of the whole world is known at once in a moment.

But the credit for the first communication on earth and in the hereafter goes to Muni Narad. He is said to be the first correspondent of the universe. Who used to complete his work as a journalist with full dedication, honesty. Communication plays a very important role in the life of every living being. It is possible to share thoughts, ideas and information with each other through certain means of communication. The communication process has been prevalent since pre-historic times. Not only humans but also plants and animals communicate in their own language.

Narada Muni is considered the pioneer of communication. Devarshi Narad started journalism by exchanging dialogues from this lok to that lok. In this way Devarshi Narad is also the first man of journalism. Those who move from here to there only create a bridge of dialogue. In fact, Devarshi Narad also acts as a correspondent to establish a bridge of communication between two points here and there.

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