Navratri 7th Day: Evil powers run away just by chanting the name of Maa Kalratri

Chaitra Navratri 2022: Today, on the seventh day of Navratri, Maa Kaalratri is worshipped. On this day the mind of the seeker is situated in the Sahasrar Chakra. They destroy the wicked. Her form is very frightening to see, but she always gives auspicious results to her devotees, hence she is also called Shubhankari.

His complexion is black and has three eyes. The hair of the mother is open and around the neck she wears a garland of shavings. She rides a Gadarbha (donkey). Just by uttering his name, the evil forces run away in fear. Know the story of Maa Kalratri, worship method, mantra and beloved enjoyment

According to the legend, there was a demon named Raktabeej. Along with humans, the gods were also troubled by this. The specialty of Raktabeej Demon was that as soon as a drop of his blood fell on the earth, another demon like him became like him. Troubled by this demon, all the gods reached Lord Shiva to know the solution of the problem. Lord Shiva knew that Mata Parvati can put an end to this demon.

Lord Shiva requested the mother. After this Maa Parvati herself created Maa Kalratri with her power and brilliance. After this, when Maa Durga put an end to the demon Raktabeej and the blood coming out of his body, Maa Kalratri filled her mouth before falling on the ground. In this form Goddess Parvati is called Kalratri.

worship method
Waking up early in the morning, after retiring from bath etc., wearing clean clothes, bathe the idol of the mother with Gangajal or pure water and offer red colored clothes and flowers. According to religious beliefs, the mother likes red color. Apply Roli Kumkum to the mother. After that offer sweets, five fruits, five types of fruits. Meditate more and more on Maa Kalratri. Do the aarti of the mother also.

dear indulgence
Jaggery and halwa should be offered to Maa Kalratri, due to which she is pleased and fulfills the wishes of the devotees. Be sure to enjoy honey.