New cases of CORONA are lowest in the country on a daily basis after 3 months

New Delhi: India has achieved many great achievements in the fight against Covid. For the first time in three months, the number of new cases of Covid has come down to 36,500 (36,470) in the last 24 hours. A total of 34,884 new cases of Covid were reported on 18 July. Due to the recovery of large number of Covid patients every day, while the number of people dying from this disease is continuously decreasing, the active cases are also decreasing.

Another major achievement in the fight against Covid has been that for the first time in 11 weeks the number of active cases has come down to 6.25 lakh. At present, the total number of active cases of Covid in the country is just 7.88 percent ie 6,25,857.

This achievement has been achieved as a result of successful implementation of the Central Government’s successful testing, treatment and tracking strategy through the coordinated efforts of the States and Union Territories. Dedicated doctors, semi-medical personnel and frontline health workers and Covid Warriors have also been a major contributor to this.

At present, 35 percent of the total active cases of Covid in the country are in 18 districts.

There has been a decline in the number of active cases due to the rapid recovery of Covid patients. The number of people recovering from Covid today is more than 72 lakhs (72,01,070). The difference between the number of infected and recovers has been 65,75,213.

During the last 24 hours, 63,842 healthy patients have been discharged from the hospital. The rate of covid recovery in the country has increased to 90.62 percent.

78% of new cases of covid recovery are from 10 states and union territories.

Maharashtra ranks first in this matter where more than 9000 people have recovered in a day. This is followed by Karnataka where more than 8000 people a day have been cured by Covid.

Of the newly confirmed cases of Covid, 76 per cent are from 10 states and union territories.

Kerala and West Bengal have reported more than 4000 new cases, while Maharashtra and Karnataka have reported more than 3000 such cases.

In the last 24 hours, 488 people have died due to Covid in the country. Out of these, 80 percent cases are from 10 states / union territories. For the second consecutive day, the number of people killed by Covid was less than 500. Maharashtra has the highest number of deaths of 84 people in a single day. The Covid death rate in India is 1.50 percent.

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